Most of the players who have been following Asian-originated games are probably familiar with seeing their long-awaited game launches first in another country before making its appearance globally. And they are not necessarily soft launches, but very often full, official launches too. That is completely normal. After all, it makes sense for a game publisher to check whether their game can perform well in one region before further expanding it to other regions around the world, as going global can cost a lot more due to the requirement of localizations and resources.

Now, Neowiz – a game publisher who is known for their previous rhythm game DJMax Respect - is currently taking their tactical RPG game Brown Dust to all audience worldwide the following month. Watch its trailer below:

It is stated by Sean Kim – Brown Dust’s game developer – that the game has been made its success in Asia, which is currently having more than over 3 million downloads and still attracting other players around the globe.

Brown Dust Image 1000x563

Brown Dust offers its players the utmost experience in mobile RPG. The game features turn-based combats and various mercenaries to obtain. Also, there will be player versus player, co-op mode, and more than 1000 battles await us players. The game developers also promise an interesting story to keep players on the edge of their seat while playing the main quest. Brown Dust also includes features such as world bosses, co-op raid, and dungeons.

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The game is going free on both Android and iOS devices on March 7. Pre-order is currently available on other regions for both platforms. The game offers in-game special items for players who pre-register, some special offers include a 5 stars mercenary and Premium Scrolls.Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tactical RPG ‘Brown Dust’ Gets a Global Release Date from Neowiz for iOS and Android

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