When Ustwo created Monument Valley, they probably didn’t expect it to become a literal monument of mobile gaming. In this day and age where anyone can make a mobile game and original ideas are scarce, the story of this massive success is quite remarkable to read about.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley launched in 2014 with a level design style resembling the unique geometrical style of late artist M.C. Escher. The game really managed to capture the imagination of anyone who plays it, no matter if they’re from the gaming or the mainstream populace. Therefore, it’s really no surprises that Monument Valley managed to bring home a slew of awards, from Apple Design Award at WWDC 2014 to being Apple’s choice for iPad Game of the Year 2014.

Needless to say, to catch the attention of Apple twice in a year is no small feat.

Monument Valley Hero 0

For the developers, the game is no doubt a major financial success.The game has brought back to them over $5 million of sales in just about a year after it was released. Furthermore, the interest in the game has yet to slow down just yet, as it seems like the older the game, the more popular it becomes to players.

If you were to think about all of the successes and accolades that the original Monument Valley had managed to capture, then it'd be common sense to also think that any successors from Ustwo might not be able to live up to the original game.

Shadow of the Predecessor

That’s why it was rather surprising that the studio managed to make another hit with the sequel Monument Valley 2. The game was a surprise announcement from Apple during WWDC 2017. It returns with better graphics, better levels, and a more thought-out storyline about a mother and her child. Monument Valley 2 was an even bigger success than the first one. Ustwo not only managed to beat the odd, but they far exceed any expectations the players might have had for them.

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But because the successes of the two games were so great, Ustwo became synonymous with Monument Valley. And when the studio decided to leave the series behind and moved onto a newer project … what should it do?

New Challenge

That’s the challenge that the developers had tackled in a documentary series ‘Levels’. They revealed that the studio does not just have one project at work. They have two. While the nature of these projects still remain as two big secrets to us, they did give us some clues as to what they are. In a video posted on YouTube, little glimpses of the ‘Work-in-Progress’ projects can be seen. Your imagination can do the rest of the work until they’re actually released. If you are too lazy to search for it on YouTube, check it out below:

The video not only gave us information about their current ventures, but they also managed to showcase quite an interesting view into the culture that exists within the heart of the U.K. studio.

A typical day in Ustwo's studio. They did not refrain from being dorky in a place most of them would not shy away from calling home.

The success behind Monument Valley was probably because they didn’t really bother with the cash-milking techniques that a lot of studios are guilty of today. Instead, the game from the beginning to the end was a seamless experience that’s just you and the game only. Honestly, can you imagine Monument Valley being filled with annoying pop-ups that blink onto your screen for every five minutes you play the game?

One would have to think that when the studio started out the first Monument Valley, making money was not really something that they seriously consider. However, seeing the successes the two Monument Valley titles were, as well as the looming shadows of their achievements, Ustwo will have to work very hard to make their two new projects a staple of 2019’s mobile gaming market.