When it comes to hot Hollywood actresses, Alexandra Daddario is the name you cannot miss. Having worked in films and TV series since 2002, it was not until the Percy Jackson series in the 2010s that the actress soared into stardom. The actress also stole the spotlight for playing the role of The Rock’s daughter in the 2015 blockbuster San Andreas. In addition to that, she also turns heads for her stunning appearance and perfect figures. Today, apart from some interesting facts about the Hollywood bombshell, let’s take a look at some of the hottest and boldest pics of Alexandra Daddario.

She could have been a lawyer instead of an actor

Being the only daughter of the two acclaimed American attorneys Richard and Christina Daddario, Alexandra Daddario confessed that she once thought about walking in the footsteps of her parents to be a lawyer but fortunately, her parents approved her decision of starting up her career in the Hollywood industry.


She was unaware of the impact of the nude sense in True Detective

While being well-known for her role in the Percy Jackson series, Alexandra Daddario only carved her niche as the new Hollywood bombshell with her bold scenes in HBO’s series True Detective. Her nude scene in the crime drama was a highlight and a much-talked-about topic. The actress once revealed that she didn’t expect to perform the nude scene the way she did in the movie but it was the opportunities of working with big names in the industry that drove her forward for the boldest scene of the series. She also had no idea of how her career would change after that groundbreaking scene.

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Her co-star Woody Harrelson helped her feel comfortable for the nude scene

Talking about her infamous nude scene in True Detective, the 31-year-old stunner also gives credit to her co-star Woody Harrelson who helped her to get through the most challenging scene in her career. The actress added that he made things more comfortable and easier for her so that she didn’t feel awkward at all.


She shared the screen with The Rock Dwanye Johnson twice

In 2015, the Percy Jackson actress stole the spotlight for making her appearance alongside Hollywood superstar 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson in the disaster film San Andreas which was a commercial success. In fact, she once again shares the screen with her onscreen father in his 2018 sci-fi action movie Rampage as a cameo but her part was left in the cutting room before the movie hit the theaters.

Alexandra Daddario Looks Sizzling Hot In Baywatch

She is also an Instagram influencer

More than just a hot actress and model, the blue-eyed beauty also a social media star who has 1,7 crore followers on Instagram. The actress is quite active on the photo-sharing platform. She keeps her followers updated with her latest daily moments, pet pics, and especially stunning and hot pics of her. Check out other photos of her right below:


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