Sequel to one of the biggest hit game on the PS3, The Last Of Us Part 2 was announced back in 2016. It has been almost three years since then, and we still haven’t got any further details about either story and gameplay. There is a lot to be expected from the game – and below would be our list for the ten most wanted feature to be included in The Last Of Us's sequel.

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Sequel to one of the biggest hit on the PS3, The Last of Us 2 is on the wishlist of many

10 - Focus more on a different aspect of the apocalypse: Hate

As shared by Naughty Dog in an interview – The Last of Us 2 will be focusing on an opposite theme to the first game: Hate. However, that hasn’t been shown much, with Ellie being in love in the trailer.

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Ellie and the person she loves from the trailer

With hate being the main focus of the game, it would make sense to have Ellie’s love interest die or get captured. And after that, we would be playing the game going in a roaring rampage of revenge.

9 - New combat system

Tlou2 Screen Ps4pro E32018 00007 1528773863
New combat system based on stealth and acrobatics is expected

The combat system from the first game was almost perfect – however, there are still a lot of rooms for improvement, as keeping the gameplay unchanged would make it stale.

With Ellie being the main character instead of Joel, its likely that they would use her speed rather than strength, as the strength-based melee in the first game was rather clunky in some places.

8 - More realistic fights

Fights should be more realistic, with Ellie being weaker than Joel

Ellie clearly is not strong enough for the same fighting style in the first game, and she would have to develop her own style – the game needs to be changed to fit that.

Firstly, they should reduce scenes in which Ellie is surrounded by enemies – she would have to take advantage of stealth and dirty tricks. Secondly, she would have to use sharp weapons like a shiv – on a lot of situation.

7 - The changing of seasons

The Last Of Us Outbreak Day
The passage of time giving developers more space for creativity

One of the best feature in the first game. The passage of time is one of the most important factors – it gives the players the immersion of being in a survival sim. And as time passes, there would be way more room for character developments, since people generally do not become true friends in a week. The best advantage of a changing season, however, is the space for creativity. The Winter chapter in the previous game is a perfect example.

6 - Time Skips

The Last Of Us Part 2 Neil Druckmann Troy Baker As
The first game's ending sequence, with Ellie playing the guitar

Rather than beginning the game in the future immediately, The Last of Us 2 should start with a flashback to Joel’s false promise at the ending of the first game. It would be an even more immersive experience, as we would be able to follow Ellie’s footsteps as she grew up, instead of just playing as the grownup Ellie. Seeing Joel again would be a plus, too.

5 - New Zombies

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The terrifying new enemies, Cordyceps

It was indeed refreshing when The Last of Us succeeded in bringing some new type of zombies to the mix – as the archetype has already been done to death by numerous movies and videogames. The Clickers and Bloaters are some of the most challenging and scary enemies have ever been introduced. However, as we have already gotten familiar with the sight of those beings now – The Last of Us 2 should create more challenges by releasing some new enemies that we don’t know how to fight.

The fights and struggles against the zombies in the first game were great – it really made the player believe they are hanging on a thin rope. The sequel should be able to replicate that feeling.

4 - A decent cast of supporting characters

Last Of Us 2
A stable cast would be a nice thing to have

We saw quite a few supporting characters in the trailer – they are the people that Ellie was hanging out with. It is a common occurrence in the first game that the supporting characters get either written out or getting killed – and we hope that will not be the case in The Last of Us 2.

Friendly interactions are great for storytelling, as we do not want to see a mad with hatred Ellie all the time. It is better for the supporting characters to be weaved in and out of the protagonist’s journey.

3 - Keep the platforming sequences

Expand more on the platforming sequence would be a great way to success

It is high time for The Last of Us 2 to make platforming one of the core gameplay feature. With the new main character Ellie being really agile, they definitely could do better than the previous games’ action sequence. That also opens up a new way for exploration, taking in more of the post-apocalyptic world instead of just trying to survive.

2 - Add driving sequences

The Last Of Us Screenshot 47 Ps3 Eu 17jun14
The ability to drive and explore would be great in a game as big as The Last of Us 2

Nothing is cooler than mowing down or escaping the zombie horde using a car – that is one of the things the first game lack. There are a lot of things that can be expanded on here, and the game could definitely gain a new level of depth using this feature.

1 - Joel's role

The Last Of Us Joel 1280x720
We need to see Joel again

From what we have seen in the trailer, Joel does not seem to have a big role in the sequel. Based on a few theories, Joel has probably died years ago – and the version we see is probably Ellie’s recollection of him or even a hallucination.

Whatever it would be, having Joel died in the backstory would be a great waste of a good character. If the guy is really dead, some flashbacks are highly recommended, as we need more context. His death can also be part of Ellie’s character developments as well.

On the other hand, if he survives and become a supporting character – having Joel being playable when Ellie’s out would be a great idea.