Normally, there are a lot of games coming out on Steam every day, but we don't really have the time to play them all. Most of us would probably play our favorite games and it's back to work, study, or whatever else we need to do.

bright bird steam game coronavirus
Now that Steam is trending because of the coronavirus, check out these 5 Steam-released games that just came out

But since the coronavirus outbreak throughout the world, a lot of us now or will have the time to browse all the different games on Steam and try them out. Even then, there's still a lot of games on the platform so we can't play every single one of them.

And to be honest, we definitely don't want to play every single one of them, when so many are lame cash grabs and poorly made. Which is why here's a list of 5 top new games on Steam we think you should try out, now that there's enough time to play cheap Steam games more than usual:

Bright Bird 重明鸟

  • Release date: March 12
    Developer: 北京星磐科技
    Price: Rs 279

This is a side-scrolling puzzle from a Chinese studio featuring colorful hand-drawn art. You choose to control Yao the heroine or Xuan the hero as part of your journey to find the "bright bird" and "solve the smog crisis" as the game's description says.

Looking at the trailer and the artwork though, you hardly see any sign of smog. The lush colors and enchanting art style inspired by traditional Chinese culture are what accompany you as you tackle the game's challenging puzzles.

Artificial Extinction

  • Release: March 14
    Developer: 100Hr Games
    Price: Rs 476

The sci-fi-themed game Artificial Extinction surrounds the story of a colonist on a new planet, who must try to survive in a hostile environment and protect their family. Interestingly, the planet used to be a normal place for humans to settle in, populated by terraforming robots. Except the robots have gone rogue and they want to take over the place from humans.

Artificial Extinction is a first-person shooter with elements of resource-gathering and base-building. The premise of the game should add more to your skepticism of artificial intelligence being the only answer to our problems.

Half Past Fate

  • Release: March 12
    Developer: Serenity Forge
    Price: Rs 423

Half Past Fate is a feel-good rom-com game with a 3D pixel art style. You follow the journey of 6 "ordinary people", which actually include a tech CEO and an investor, and other real "ordinary" people like a retro game collector. These six people of varying backgrounds would find themselves in the midst of "fated love".

The game has gotten some pretty positive reviews from Nintendo-leaning websites, with one praising its "gorgeous art, energetic soundtrack, and breezy narrative". It's because the game is also available on the Switch.


  • Release: March 14
    Developer: SkyBox Labs
    Price: Rs 449

Stela is a "cinematic, atmospheric platformer", and follows the story of a young woman and a dying ancient world. The feel of the game should feel pretty similar to iconic platformers like Limbo and Inside by Playdead. The game is a puzzle-solving platformer like them, too, but with its own gorgeous landscape and melancholic background.

There is a wide range of environments in the game, from "mysterious towns, haunting forests," to "massive subterranean ruins". It's definitely a game for fans of sidescrolling platformers with beautiful sceneries.

Hidden Through Time

  • Release: March 12
    Developer: Crazy Monkey Studios
    Price: Rs 269

The game's developer, Crazy Monkey Studios, was responsible for 'Guns, Gore, and Cannoli', a game much more violent and gory than this gentle hidden object adventure. Instead of mowing down gangsters and zombies with a submachine gun, you look for hidden objects in a cute animated world similar to 'Hidden Folks'.

Completing each map allows you to progress through time periods and see the world changing in front of your eyes. Once you've finished all the tasks, there's a map editor you can try out and possibly contribute some user-created content with.