With GTA 6 confirmed to be in the work at Rockstar, many fans have been theorizing about what's going to be ported from GTA 5. However, there are a lot of badly designed elements that should be kept out of a GTA game. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 things that Rockstar should not add to GTA 6

1. Futuristic Vehicles

Rockstar has been adding a lot of futuristic vehicles into GTA Online, and most of them are very immersion-breaking. The hoverbike Oppressor MK2 is probably the worst - it is both annoying gameplay-wise and impossible to create in real life.  The hoverbike can rival helicopters in flying capability while also carrying rockets and machine guns.

Gta 5 Deluxo
The flying car Deluxo in GTA 5


Besides it, there are also a flying car (Deluxo) and a submarine car (Toreador). These vehicles are too overpowered and should be kept out of GTA 6 story mode at all costs.

2. Multiple protagonists

When it comes to the best story in GTA, players usually mention IV, San Andreas or even Vice City... with GTA V often getting skipped. Overall, a single protagonist is much easier to build around and immerse in. While learning about the background, personality and motivation of all three characters were nice and all, it is just too long and tedious.

Gta V Generic
The protagonists of GTA 5 are fairly generic.

Instead of building on 3 mediocre characters, Rockstar should have focused their effort on just one protagonist to make him iconic and exceptional. Except for GTA 5, all other Rockstar games have only one protagonist.

3. Empty areas on the map

GTA 5 has one of the biggest open-world maps in video games, however, it is filled to the brim with filler space. There are big portions on the map that contain neither quests nor interesting things to explore. While this design might be realistic, other games have done much better in using all the space they have.

Maxresdefault 3
Outside of the City, GTA 5's map is rather bare-bones.

Therefore, Rockstar should build a smaller world with more details instead of adding big areas that have nothing.

4. Dull main missions

Aside from the prologue mission and the climax of the game, GTAV's narrative took a back seat to heist prep missions and collecting stuff. This makes the various main quest very dull and uninspired compared with previous games in the franchise.

GTA VI should not revisit the heist concept and follow something new instead. Most fans would rather rob a bank or steal some shiny cars rather than slowly towing trucks or stacking crates.

5. Linear mission progress

GTA 5's missions are actually pretty "closed" for an open-world game. Almost all missions in the game are linear, which forces players to do the quests step by step every time. This is a very limited design that restricts players' creativity - any deviation to the quest leads to a "mission failure", forcing players to retry it.

You can fail your mission
There is only one linear way to complete the mission.

GTA 6 should move away from this type of mission design and give players more options to complete quests.

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