Minecraft's overall visual style has remained relatively consistent since its initial release in 2009. Due to this, players frequently seek out alternative or updated looks, but Mojang has never prioritized high-end graphics. Nonetheless, for those who desire a fresh visual perspective, shaders can offer a significant transformation. While shaders are typically linked with the Java Edition, some are accessible to Bedrock players as well.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 8 best Minecraft Shaders for Bedrock Edition 1.20.

1. Sildurs Shaders

Sildurs is considered to be one of the top shaders available for either the Bedrock or Java Edition of Minecraft. It is outstanding and significantly enhances the existing textures. Once players try it out, it will be challenging to revert to the original.

Moreover, Sildurs is highly customizable, offering numerous shaders to experiment with and plenty of creative potential. Additionally, it is straightforward to download and install, which is particularly important for Bedrock Edition.

This shader significantly improves the game's visuals, making water clearer, skies more realistic, and everything brighter. With Sildurs installed, Minecraft appears as a completely different game.

2. EBIN Shaders

EBIN Shaders are visually stunning and significantly enhance the existing textures in Minecraft. One of the primary features of these shaders is a simple brightness update, which goes a long way in improving the game's appearance. While Minecraft can look good on its own, the lighting effects provided by shaders like EBIN can take it to the next level.

What distinguishes this particular shader is the attention to detail. The water textures are magnificent, and the coloring of grass, trees, and leaves is excellent.

3. Oceano Shaders

Oceano Shaders stand out from most of the other shaders on this list as it doesn't make subtle changes to Minecraft's visuals. Instead, it brings significant alterations, transforming the game's appearance and atmosphere.

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Oceano Shaders


This shader modifies some graphics and adds warm colors during the evening to simulate sunsets in Minecraft, allowing players to produce stunning content with some of the best cinematography of any video game.

However, the primary focus of Oceano Shaders is on the ocean biome, which is typically bland and uninteresting. This shader completely changes that, making the water crystal clear enough to see fish from above and giving it a realistic appearance when standing in front of an ocean, river, or lake.

4. Continuum Shaders

Continuum shader introduces a crucial change that should be integrated into the vanilla Minecraft game - accurate lighting. While ray tracing and shaders enhance the game's visuals, this feature should be part of the game's base design.

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Continuum Shaders

Meanwhile, Continuum stands out as one of the best shaders that provide accurate shadows and exceptional lighting. It also offers a ray-tracing option for those who desire an ultra-realistic appearance. The shader is so impressive that it transforms the game from the blocky, pixelated sandbox that everyone knows and loves into something much more immersive and lifelike.

5. BSL Shaders

BSL is a shader pack that has become a classic among Minecraft players. Even those who haven't explored the full range of available options are familiar with and have likely tried BSL for a good reason - it's an excellent shader pack. It is effortless to install and provides the Minecraft community with high-quality improvements that enhance their gameplay experience.

Although BSL Shader doesn't make radical changes to the game's visuals, it enhances every texture. The shader pack offers numerous improvements, including significantly more realistic-looking grass and more robust tree textures.

6. RedHat BE Shaders

While many shader packs aim to completely transform the game, some make more subtle changes. This shader pack belongs to the latter group, although the term "subtle" may not be entirely accurate.

The primary change this shader pack makes is to the entire sky, which transforms into a more realistic-looking sky. The shader pack does not modify the gameplay mechanics, but it enhances the game's visuals, making it more appealing to the eyes. The clouds are more dynamic and realistic than anything seen in Minecraft, while the sun and moon are exquisitely detailed.

The "cinematography" of Minecraft has always been a significant draw, producing stunning photos. With this shader pack installed on the Bedrock Edition, players can expect even more remarkable sunsets and sunrises, akin to what is seen in the real world.

7. Tea Shader

Tea Shader 1.19 is a simple yet elegant low-end shader. It has a similar style to the original graphics and visuals of Minecraft, which players have been used to for years. If you've never heard of this shader pack before, Beyond Belief Vanilla Reborn might ring a bell. The shader pack was renamed Tea Shaders in 2020.

Tea Shaders
Tea Shaders 

It is a great option for any shaders enthusiast running Minecraft on a low-end PC. The best improvement of Tea Shader is probably the vibrant colors - with it installed, the world of Minecraft looks much more colorful.

8. MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders

MakeUp Ultra Fast shaders 1.19 is a unique shader pack with great optimization for low-end PCs. All effects and details from this shader can be tweaked and customized, based on the hardware of your device. Overall, the best improvements from this shader are water reflection, clouds, and realistic lighting.

Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders
Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders 

The lowest and highest presets of this shader look almost completely different. However, even at the highest settings, you should still get better FPS than other high-end shaders like BSL.

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