If you intend to remain in a specific region of the Minecraft universe for an extended period and wish to avoid using up all your supplies, then you should peruse and follow the instructions in this guide.

Basic survival

To endure in Minecraft, you must obtain wood as your initial resource. After that, constructing farms as rapidly as feasible becomes necessary. The following are the prerequisites to make this happen:

  • You will require 1 or 2 buckets, which can only be crafted after obtaining iron (either by mining or looting a weaponsmith's chest).
  • You will also need at least one sapling of any variety, excluding dark oak saplings, for which you will need four.
  • Additionally, access to a source of both water and lava is necessary (a village with a weaponsmith shop typically has a lava pool and water from a village farm or fisher cottage).
  • Finally, acquire melon or wheat seeds.
Simple Cobblestone Farm
A simple Cobblestone farm

Once you have acquired the essential supplies for surviving in Minecraft, your first task is to establish a 'secure zone' that is impervious to fire caused by lava. Since cobblestone is a valuable resource in the game, constructing a cobblestone farm is recommended. Follow the steps below to achieve this:

  • Dig a 4x4 hole in the ground.
  • For each block in the second row of the hole, dig down an additional block.
  • Place water on each block in the first row of the hole.
  • Place lava on each block in the fourth row. You should observe cobblestone forming in the third row.

In some cases, when you mine cobblestone, the cobblestone item may fall into lava and be destroyed. If you have enough iron, you can build hoppers beneath the areas where the cobblestones come together that lead to chests to stop this from happening. In order to mine the cobblestone without the threat of it burning, you may also use pistons to push it away from the lava.

To The Last Tree Standing Cover
Trees are great wood source

To maximize the yield of your tree farm, it is advisable to plant your saplings about 3-5 blocks apart. The precise spacing between saplings will depend on the type of tree you are planting. This will provide you with a consistent supply of wood for repairing tools and crafting other necessary items. If you are playing on any difficulty level except peaceful, it is also necessary to create a crop farm. If you are planting wheat, creating an infinite water supply is the best approach.

To achieve maximum yield, a wheat farm should be set up as large as desired. If creating a melon or pumpkin farm, it is recommended to alternate rows of melons with rows of pumpkins to avoid a decrease in growth speed caused by diagonal placement of the same crop.

You Can Grow Wheat
Wheat farm

An additional way to secure an infinite supply of resources, such as food, wool, leather, and other passive mob drops, is to establish a Mob Farm. Start by constructing a fenced-in area with fences and fence gates. Next, attract two of each species you want to the enclosure by offering their preferred food item (e.g., carrots for pigs, wheat for sheep and cows, seeds for chickens, etc.). Once you have two of each mob, you can breed them whenever necessary, provided the parents have a five-minute cooldown period. You can slaughter the mobs at any time, but keep in mind a couple of things. Firstly, use at least a stone axe and jump before attacking to critical hit to kill any passive Overworld Mob in one hit. Secondly, ensure that at least two of each animal are retained for breeding and supplies, allowing for an infinite supply.

With these basic farms in place, it is possible to reside in a single location indefinitely.

Iron golem farm

To obtain additional resources such as iron, an iron golem farm can be constructed, which requires villagers. However, if you're playing in an area without villages like Skyblock, you can obtain villagers by obtaining a blaze rod from the Nether and brewing a splash potion of Weakness. After that, capture a zombie villager and feed it a golden apple. Repeat this process with another villager, and they can adopt the professions of weaponsmith, toolsmith, or armorer by placing a grindstone, smithing table, or blast furnace. Trading with them will allow you to obtain emeralds, and once you have enough, you can buy a bell and place it near beds. This will create a gathering site and enable you to build an iron golem farm.

Iron Golem
Iron Golems are great source of renewable irons, but players need to rely on villagers to regenerate them.

If you have a nearby village, you can construct an iron golem farm directly in the village, which eliminates the need to transport villagers.

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