Farms are constructions that can produce large quantities of resources by harvesting items either from mobs or blocks. Most farms require a redstone mechanism to operate automatically. Below are some examples of new farms that can be built when the Minecraft 1.20 update is released.

1. Cherry Wood farm

The newly introduced Cherry Grove biome will offer players the opportunity to grow cherry wood, a much-awaited addition to the types of wood available in Minecraft. As a result, cherry wood can be cultivated by players.

Cherryblossom 1280x720 5
Cherry wood has a pink shade that no other wood in the game has.

Players can use a variety of redstone mechanisms to create tree farms that grow trees from saplings and then utilize a TNT duper to blast them. Afterward, a flowing water system can transport the resulting blocks to a collection point. The saplings can then be collected from storage and fed back into the mechanism to cultivate additional trees on the farm.

2. Piglin farm

Players can now obtain Piglin heads, a new mob head, by utilizing charged creepers to blow up Piglins. While it is possible to create a farm to obtain numerous Piglin heads, it is also the most challenging to manage.

Minecraft 1162 Piglin Brute Custom Biome
Piglin's head can now be collected and even wear on top of the player character.

To acquire Piglin heads, players must first create a charged creeper farm in the Overworld realm. Then, they must transport the charged creepers to the Nether realm and establish a location to gather Piglins. Finally, they must use the charged creepers to blow up the Piglins and obtain their heads.

3. Pink Petal farm

In the newly introduced Cherry Grove biome, players will have the opportunity to cultivate Pink Petals, an adorable decorative block that is currently incomplete. These blocks can be easily acquired by breaking them with tools, bare hands, or even water. As a result, players can develop a farm to obtain them.

Pink petals can be placed as decoration.

To cultivate Pink Petals, players can utilize a dispenser that uses bone meal on grass blocks to stimulate their growth. Additionally, water can be used to break them, and they can be collected and stored in chests. Players can also gather Pink Petals manually by breaking them with their bare hands.

4. Bamboo farm

Even though bamboo farms are not a new feature in the game, they will gain greater significance and usefulness after the release of the 1.20 update. The update will introduce a new type of wood to the game, known as bamboo wood, which can be created from regular bamboo found in the world. As a result, players who desire to craft numerous bamboo wood blocks will require a consistent source of bamboo from a bamboo farm.

Players can find bamboo in bamboo forests and jungles. To gather bamboo, any tool or even bare hands can be used, but a sword speeds up the process. Bamboo can also be cultivated by planting it in soil, grass, podzol, or sand close to a water source. Its growth is expedited when grown beside other bamboo plants.

Bamboo is also a reliable source of fuel for various items, such as furnaces, smokers, and campfires. Additionally, players can use bamboo to breed pandas and trade with wandering traders. Moreover, players can transform bamboo into different blocks that possess distinct functions and properties.

5. Torchflower and pitcher plant farms

In the game, the Sniffer is an old mob that has the ability to extract the seeds of unique and rare plants. This characteristic makes it ideal for creating a manual farm in which numerous Sniffers can dig out a significant number of seeds. These seeds can then be transferred to a farm that is automatically managed by a farmer villager, allowing players to cultivate and harvest torchflowers and pitcher plants.

Torchflower seeds have an additional practical use in that they can be employed to breed sniffers, which is a crucial function because these creatures are scarce and do not appear naturally in the game. As a result, players will likely find themselves utilizing this feature frequently.

The Pitcher Plant is a plant that originates from the pitcher pod and undergoes four stages of growth before maturing (a total of five stages). When fully grown, it only drops itself upon being broken; otherwise, it drops the pitcher pod. The plant can be converted into two cyan dye through crafting.

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Pitcher plant

The Torchflower is a novel flower variety that develops from torchflower seeds and advances through three growth stages, maturing after the second stage. Despite its name, the flower does not produce any light. When fully grown in the third stage, it only drops itself upon being broken, while in earlier stages, it will drop its seed.

Screenshot 227

The flower can be transformed into an orange dye via crafting and can also be planted in a flower pot. Furthermore, the flower is useful in crafting suspicious stew that provides the player with Night Vision and can be employed to lure and breed bees.

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