Improving gameplay in Minecraft can be made easier by enchantments, which are crucial. The plethora of enchantments, however, can make it difficult to distinguish between those that are beneficial and those that are wasteful.

As a form of armor, helmets come with a variety of enchantment options, some of which are advantageous and others which are not. The advantageous enchantments are potent and will enhance gameplay, while the unfavorable ones will cause frustration and squandered levels.

Any form of helmet can be enchanted, including leather, chainmail, turtle shell, gold, iron, diamond, and netherite. This thorough list of the best Minecraft helmet enchantments may help you if you're feeling confused by the abundance of options or don't know where to begin.

1. Mending I

In Minecraft, Mending is possibly one of the most beneficial enchantments, even without a helmet. Some gamers claim that it is the greatest enchantment of all. Mending extends an item's lifespan, including helmets, which have a fixed amount of durability. Once that amount has been depleted, the item breaks. Mending prevents this from occurring, making it an exceptional enchantment.

Mending Level
Mending can only be found in treasures

Mending is particularly helpful when valuable enchantments are attached to items, and losing them would be devastating. Essentially, Mending restores an item's durability based on the XP orbs collected. For every two XP orbs, one durability point is regained. Therefore, if 100 XP orbs are obtained, an item with Mending will receive 50 durability points.

Overall, Mending is an incredibly useful enchantment in Minecraft, especially when used with a helmet. Helmets are frequently employed for protection, so having this enchantment is highly recommended.

2. Protection IV

In Minecraft, the most critical enchantment for any armor is the highest attainable level of Protection. Protection IV is the most advanced level and provides the best protection for players. As a result, it is recommended that players strive to obtain this level of enchantment on their helmet.

Protection Enchantment
Protection Enchantment

Although other Protection enchantments are available, such as Fire, Projectile, and Blast Protection, these interfere with the general Protection enchantment. Therefore, players should always choose the standard Protection since it reduces all damage sustained by the armor and the player, rather than only one specific type of damage. Players may become confused and believe they require all versions of Protection. However, while Fire, Projectile, and Blast Protection only safeguard against a specific kind of damage, the general Protection enchantment shields players against any and all damage types.

3. Unbreaking III

Unbreaking is an excellent enchantment for helmets in Minecraft and has been one of the most popular and valuable enchantments in the game. Similar to Mending, it also improves the durability of armor (including helmets) or an item, but its function is somewhat different. Mending provides durability points based on the XP orbs accumulated during gameplay, while Unbreaking increases the likelihood of an item's durability being utilized.


Although this enchantment may seem more impressive than Mending, or it may be the other way around, both of them are equally useful, or at the very least, with items. When Unbreaking is used with any item, it significantly increases the chances of durability usage, sometimes even quadrupling the amount. However, armor, on the other hand, has far fewer chances. With Unbreaking at level I, an armor or helmet will have a 23% chance of not consuming durability. The precise formula by which Unbreaking operates with armor is: 60+(4 / level + 1).

If you apply this calculation to a helmet with Unbreaking III, it will have a -30% chance of ignoring durability usage. On average, this will increase the durability of your helmet by 43%, which is a significant improvement. Furthermore, you may combine it with Mending to increase the longevity of your helmet even further. Overall, it remains an excellent enchantment for helmets in Minecraft, but it is more effective when used with other items, where it increases the chances by -300%.

4. Respiration III

Respiration is an enchantment that is exclusive to helmets in Minecraft and can be considered the best enchantment for helmets. Given that it enables you to breathe underwater for longer periods of time, it is incredibly useful. As you won't need to constantly surface to catch your breath, this enchantment is very useful when you need to finish activities underwater.

What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft Guide
Respiration III

Respiration has a maximum level of III, and each level increases your underwater breathing time by 15 seconds, providing a total of 45 extra seconds. You can stay underwater for up to twice as long with this enchantment as opposed to the standard 10-second underwater breathing time. Additionally, you can extend the time by an additional 10 seconds if you utilize a turtle shell.

The Respiration enchantment also reduces the chances of taking drowning damage over time. In conclusion, the Respiration Helmet Enchantment is a great addition to your helmet in Minecraft, as it allows you to stay underwater for longer periods and reduces the risk of taking drowning damage.

5. Aqua Affinity I

Another enchantment exclusive to helmets in Minecraft is Aqua Affinity, which is just as impressive as Respiration. Among all the helmet enchantments available, Aqua Affinity is considered the coolest due to its name and function. This enchantment allows players to mine blocks faster underwater than they would normally be able to. Underwater mining can be quite frustrating, even with the increased breathing time provided by Respiration, making Aqua Affinity a crucial addition to increase overall efficiency underwater.

Aqua Affinity Minecraft 1
Aqua Affinity

Without Aqua Affinity, mining underwater is five times slower than on the surface. However, wearing a helmet or turtle shell with Aqua Affinity I eliminates this penalty entirely. It's worth noting that this enchantment only has one level, so there are no higher levels available. It's important to remember that a mining speed penalty still applies when floating in Minecraft, reducing mining speed by 25 times. However, this penalty is not affected by Aqua Affinity. Regardless, having this enchantment on a helmet is still beneficial because the need to mine while floating is infrequent.

6. Projectile Protection IV

In Minecraft, Projectile Protection is an enchantment that shields you from taking damage from most kinds of projectiles, including arrows, thrown tridents, shulker bullets, llama spit, blaze fireballs, ghast fireballs, and wither skulls. However, there are some projectile attacks that this enchantment doesn't safeguard you from, like splash potions of harming, dragon fireballs, and firework rockets.

Minecraft Every Bow Enchantment
Projectile Protection reduces arrow damage

With each level of Projectile Protection, you acquire an 8% increase in damage reduction, and the highest level you can attain is IV, which means you can have up to 32% protection. This is a decent amount, mainly when you're in the Nether, where many unforeseen projectile attacks can occur. Nevertheless, this enchantment is very circumstantial, and unlike fire protection, it is even more situation-dependent. It is suggested for players who are vulnerable to projectile attacks; otherwise, there are better options available that provide higher percentages of protection.

7. Fire Protection IV

The Fire Protection Enchantment available in Minecraft is designed to safeguard against fire damage, as indicated by its name. Additionally, it reduces the duration and damage caused by damage-over-time effects triggered by fire. This enchantment is particularly advantageous in situations involving lava, which is abundant in the Nether. The enchantment also provides protection against monsters that use fire, with the prime example being Blazes, which are common in the Nether.

Ghast shooting fireballs

With each level increase in Fire Protection, the percentage of protection against fire increases by 15%. The highest level for this enchantment is IV, which provides a maximum of 60% fire protection. It should be noted that this enchantment cannot be coupled with any other forms of defense, including Projectile Protection, Blast Protection, and Protection Enchantment.

Keep in mind that the system will select the armor piece that offers the maximum level of protection if the Fire Protection Enchantment is applied to more than one piece of armor. So, having two armor pieces enchanted with 60% fire protection will not make you entirely immune to fire. This enchantment is particularly useful in areas with frequent fire damage, and players who have a hard time avoiding fire damage should consider using it.

8. Blast Protection IV

Blast Protection is an enchantment in Minecraft that protects you from damage caused by explosions, including TNT explosions, creeper explosions, ender crystals, initial wither boss explosions, and ghast fireballs. Blast Protection is a situational enchantment that is only helpful for specific types of players because these attacks do not occur regularly. Normal players should avoid it, but if you frequently find yourself in explosive circumstances, it might be something to think about. It is incompatible with protective, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection, just like other protective enchantments.

The 9 Tnt Rigged Under The Stone Pressure Plate
TNT trap

Blast Protection can be leveled up to IV, providing a maximum of 60% protection against explosions. However, the protection is capped at a certain number and cannot exceed 100%. In general, Blast Protection is considered one of the worst protection enchantments because players rarely encounter situations where they need it for their helmet in Minecraft.

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