Mojang is set to introduce a new feature called armor trim in the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update. This feature allows players to personalize their armor and will likely be utilized frequently to showcase their creativity. With the update, players will have access to 16 different armor trims, providing a wide range of choices. By combining various armor trims on different armor pieces, players can create a multitude of unique combinations.

Below are some of the standout armor trims that will be available in the next version of the game.

1. Vex

The Vex armor trim stands out for its impressive design, which appears to be a fusion of Vex and Evoker mob textures. The helmet resembles the eyes of a Vex, while the chest plates, leggings, and boots feature a single line down the center that resembles an Evoker's robe. To obtain the Vex armor trim, players can search for it as a chest loot in the Woodland Mansion.

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Vex armor trim

2. Coast

For players who prefer a minimalistic design that lacks extra details, the Coast armor trim is an ideal option. It adds subtle and clean lines to each piece of armor, creating an overall sleek appearance. Coast is the most straightforward armor trim available and has a coastal and aquatic theme, which makes it obtainable in shipwrecks.

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Coast armor trim

3. Rib

Rib is another armor trim that provides a distinctive appearance to armor pieces. This trim is named after the horizontal lines it adds to the sides of each armor part, resembling the rib cage of a skeleton. With its unique and intriguing design featuring only horizontal lines, Rib is one of the most eye-catching armor trims available. The inspiration for Rib comes from wither skeletons, and it can be discovered as a chest loot in Nether Fortresses.

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Rib armor trim

4. Silence

Mojang introduced the Silence armor trim a few weeks after the initial set of armor trims was released in a snapshot. With its intricate design, Silence is arguably the most complex and detailed armor trim available. Its visual style features multiple shades of color and covers nearly 50% of the armor. To obtain the Silence armor trim, players can search for it as a chest loot in the Ancient City.

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Silence armor trim

5. Eye

The Eye armor trim boasts an intriguing design, particularly on helmets and chest plates. The helmet features two eyes, and the chest plate showcases a sizable circular shape that also resembles an eye. However, the leggings and boots have a standard design. Players can obtain the Eye armor trim as a chest loot in strongholds.

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Eye armor trim

6. Sentry

Sentry is another distinctive armor trim that features a diamond-shaped design made up of 4x4 pixels on chest plates and leggings. The helmet has a single straight line running down the center, while the boots have a thick horizontal line. With its simple yet striking design, Sentry is also considered one of the cleanest armor trims available. To obtain the Sentry armor trim, players can search for it as a chest loot in Pillager Outposts.

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7. Wild

Wild is another simple and minimalistic armor trim that features an excellent design for almost all pieces of armor. The chest plate, in particular, stands out with its L-shaped lines on the sleeve and V-shaped pattern on the chest. Players can obtain the Wild armor trim as a chest loot in Jungle Temples.

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Wild armor trim

How to add trimmings to Minecraft armor

At the moment there are eleven unique armor trims in Minecraft. Each of them can be painted with 9 different colors, and since there are 5 armor materials in the game, players can create over 400k unique combinations.

Minecraft Armor Trims All
Minecraft all armor trims.

Firstly, you will need to collect armor trim smithing templates in the game. They spawn throughout the world of Minecraft inside the treasure chest of various in-game structures. While most of those structures are in the overworld, the Nether and the End also have some unique armor trimmings. To get these items, players should check out Gurugamer's dedicated guide for all armor trim locations in Minecraft.


To customize and trim your armor in Minecraft 1.20, you will need the following items:

  • Smithing Table
  • Armor Pieces (Helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots)
  • 4 Armor Trims (1 for each piece of armor)
  • Color Materials, such as iron, copper, gold, lapis lazuli, emerald, diamond, netherite, redstone, amethyst, and quartz. However, you must ensure that the material used to color the armor trim is not the same as the material used to create the armor, as this would cause the trim to blend in with the armor.

How to add trimmings to armor

Place a smithing table then use it. Place the armor trim smithing template into the leftmost cell, the armor you want to customize in the middle cell and a piece of color material in the third cell.

Customise Armor In Minecraft With Trim
Adding armor trimmings

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