In Minecraft, mining plays a significant role in advancing through the game, as implied by its name. Nonetheless, uncovering precious ores located deep underground can be challenging. While some ores such as coal or raw iron are readily available, others like diamonds or redstone ore require a different strategy. Although mining in a basic manner can yield a few rare ores, having the proper guidance and knowledge can lead to greater success.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 tips and tricks for efficient mining in Minecraft 1.20.

1. Know the height levels of ores

When a new Minecraft world is created, ores are distributed at specific levels of height, leading to their concentration and increased frequency at certain depths as players dig into the ground. For instance, diamond ore is more commonly found at deeper levels. On the other hand, gold ore has a high occurrence rate around the height level Y= -16, which is approximately at the midpoint of its complete generation range. Therefore, it is advisable to check the areas where ores generate in large quantities before mining. Once this knowledge is gained, players can review their coordinates and move to the relevant height level.

Caves 26 Cliffs Ores
Each ore spawn in certain Y levels.

2. Explore caves

Although mining can uncover many valuable ores in Minecraft, sometimes the world generates in a way that allows players to access them quickly without wearing out their tools. One such way is through the generation of caves and ravines, which can extend deep into the ground and provide rare ores without the need for branch mining. This saves time and preserves pickaxe durability. The placement of terrain features like these is determined by the world's seed, so players can choose a seed that includes deep-running caves and ravines to benefit from this feature.

Dripstone Caves
Dripstone Caves

3. Use mining techniques

In Minecraft, there are several mining techniques, each with its pros and cons. The success rate and frequency of finding rare ores depend on factors like location, tools, and personal preference. Popular methods include branch mining, shaft mining, and quarry mining. It is crucial to have knowledge of each method since one may be more appropriate than the others for a particular task.

Mining Minecraft Redstone
Applying certain techniques would speed up the process.

In order to maximize mining efficiency, it's important to use the right technique. One of the most efficient methods is to begin by digging a long, straight tunnel that's two blocks high and one block wide. Then, on each side wall, players will skip a block and dig down as deep as they can while still being able to jump up one block. By repeating this process every two blocks, players can maximize their view of the blocks while still mining efficiently.

4. Pickaxe enchantments

Minecraft players can gather a good amount of ores using regular pickaxes. However, things become more exciting with the introduction of appropriate enchantments. The Efficiency enchantment can significantly boost mining speed and reduce the time spent on discovering valuable ores. Similarly, the Fortune enchantment enables players to obtain extra material drops when breaking an ore block. To prevent pickaxe damage, players can consider using the Mending or Unbreaking enchantments.

Netherite Pickaxe In Minecraft
Enchanted pickaxes are the most crucial tools

5. Bring night vision potions

The usefulness of Night Vision potions in mining should not be underestimated. By consuming these potions, visibility is enhanced, making it easier to identify valuable resources that could be easily overlooked. Minecraft players often miss out on rare ores in the dark, and using Night Vision potions strategically can significantly improve mining efficiency and success.

How To Make Night Vision Potion In Minecraft 10
Night Vision Potion

6. Use X-ray glitches or mod

Although not everyone may prefer using X-ray glitches in Minecraft, they are permitted in the game and can be advantageous. These glitches enable players to view solid blocks and, when combined with Night Vision potions, can uncover underground ore veins and structures at substantial distances.

Although X-ray glitches may differ across Minecraft versions, they generally offer comparable outcomes. If players are struggling to locate ores or veins, an appropriately placed X-ray glitch can make a significant difference.

7. TNT mining

In Minecraft, players can use a pickaxe and a shovel to mine effectively. However, there are times when they need to increase efficiency and locate rare ores as quickly as possible. That's why TNT is a valuable tool for mining. By detonating these blocks, players can clear out a vast number of blocks much faster than the traditional mining method. If enough TNT is used, it can create large underground craters that can yield a significant amount of rare ores.

The 9 Tnt Rigged Under The Stone Pressure Plate
TNT in Minecraft

However, Minecraft players must be careful when using TNT for mining. Detonations can cause harm to the player, and depending on the location, water and lava flows may emerge unexpectedly.

8. Be prepared for combat

For Minecraft players who prefer to ensure maximum safety when mining for resources, it may seem unnecessary to prepare for combat. However, true mining is an exciting journey in its own right, and digging tunnels can reveal hidden rooms and caves. Unfortunately, these areas are frequently inhabited by enemies, requiring players to be ready to defend themselves with weapons such as a sword in order to survive.

Minecraft Warden
Hostiles can pop out at any time

9. Dig around other resources

The developers of Minecraft have included a clever coding feature where certain resources in the game are more likely to spawn near each other. One such resource is redstone, which is frequently found close to or touching diamond blocks. If players discover a resource block, it is recommended that they excavate around it because there is a high possibility of finding a hidden bonus nearby.

Nether Quartz Ore
Some ores can be found close to each other.

10. Bring plenty of torches

Having an adequate amount of torches is crucial when exploring natural cave systems in Minecraft. Although it may not be a problem when mining in a carefully planned and organized mine, torches can easily run out when exploring caves. For players who prefer not to carry multiple stacks of torches, bringing the materials necessary for crafting them could be a viable alternative. In any case, the importance of having sufficient light in the game cannot be overstated, as it could be the difference between finding precious diamonds or dying at the hands of enemies.

Minecraft Torches
Minecraft Torches

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