There are multiple ways to acquire enchantments in Minecraft, such as utilizing an enchanting table or engaging in fishing. Additionally, one can obtain enchanted books or equipment from chests located in generated structures across the Overworld, Nether, and End.

In Minecraft, structures that are created through world generation provide loot based on pre-programmed tables that dictate the possible items to be found inside. Since these tables are randomly assigned, each loot chest opened within a structure will offer a different assortment of items. However, some structures are more likely to yield enchanted items and gear due to unique loot tables or increased chances of generating enchantments.

To efficiently obtain enchanted items and gear in Minecraft, players can focus on looting specific structures that offer higher chances of finding these items.

1. Ancient Cities

Apart from containing rare items exclusive to ancient cities, these structures also hold enchantments that are of high value to Minecraft players. Among the enchanted items found in their loot chests are diamond leggings with enchantments, damaged diamond hoes with enchantments, golden apples with enchantments, iron leggings with enchantments, and enchantment books.

The Warden Ancient City Centre Monument
Ancient City

Although certain structures have superior options, the chance of obtaining enchanted books from ancient cities' loot chests is relatively high. In Minecraft's Java Edition, enchanted books appear in 23.2% of cases, and in Bedrock Edition, their appearance rate rises to 35.9%.

2. Strongholds

Minecraft's strongholds may not provide enchanted gear like weapons or armor/tools, but they are an excellent source for enchanted books.

Minecraft Stronghold 4

Strongholds are advantageous because they contain multiple rooms with loot chests, allowing players to discover several enchanted books in one expedition. This is especially true for stronghold libraries, where players can obtain enchanted books with a probability of 67.8% in Java Edition and 72.9% in Bedrock Edition.

Although other loot chests within strongholds have a lower chance of yielding enchanted books, the abundance of chests in these structures can occasionally benefit players.

3. Ruined Nether Portals

Scattered throughout the Overworld and the Nether, ruined portals generally contain only one loot chest. While they may not provide the finest enchanted gear available in Minecraft, they do offer enchanted golden weapons, armor, tools, and golden apples. While gold gear is not the most efficient or durable, enchanted golden gear can still be useful.

Minecraft Ruined Portal
Ruined Nether Portals

This is particularly useful for players starting a new game in a world without gear or items, as a well-stocked ruined portal can give them a significant edge and establish a foundation for a successful start.

4. End Cities

Although they are hazardous and require a considerable amount of time to reach, the cities scattered across the End islands can still provide exceptional enchanted loot. Minecraft players can discover enchanted pickaxes, shovels, swords, and complete sets of either iron or diamond armor.

Minecraft End City
Minecraft End City

The primary drawback of End cities is that they do not have enchanted books in their loot tables. However, players may be willing to disregard the absence of books if they find enchanted diamond gear instead.

5. Villages

When it comes to obtaining enchanted gear in Minecraft, villages can be an excellent source. Although they don't offer enchanted gear in their chests, players can obtain high-quality materials to craft their tools. Moreover, players can trade with librarian villagers by using emeralds and standard books to acquire numerous enchanted books.


While the inventory of specific librarian villagers is randomized when it comes to enchanted books, players can farm emeralds and raw materials, making it easy to trade for a large number of enchanted books.

Apart from being a safe haven for trading in Minecraft, villages are relatively secure when compared to almost every other generated structure in the game. This is why villager trading halls are popular among the community, and avoiding hostile mobs is a significant advantage, especially for novice players.

In Minecraft, there are several ways to find a village

  1. Exploration: You can explore the Overworld by walking or riding a mount to look for a village. Villages are generated randomly, and they usually appear on flat areas or plains. So, keep an eye out for open areas and look for buildings made of wood and cobblestone.
  2. Using a map: If you have an empty map, you can use it to find a village. Stand at the center of your map, and explore the surrounding areas. Eventually, you'll see a dot on your map, which indicates the location of the village.
  3. Using the /locate command: If you're playing in Minecraft Java Edition, you can use the "/locate Village" command to find the nearest village. This command will give you the coordinates of the nearest village, which you can then navigate to.
  4. Trading with wandering traders: Wandering traders sometimes sell maps that lead to a village. Keep an eye out for them, and if they have a village map for sale, you can purchase it from them.

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