Minecraft is a game that has fascinated countless players globally with its innovative gameplay, allowing them to construct and discover enormous virtual realms and unleash their imagination to bring their visions to life.

The upcoming 1.20 update Trails & Tales will include a new feature that lets players acquire a distinctive type of vegetation called the pitcher plant. Below are the steps players can take to obtain this rare plant in the game.

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The pitcher plant looks fairly unique and would definitely be a good decorative item.

How to get Pitcher Plant in Minecraft 1.20

To obtain the pitcher plant, players must first acquire the sniffer mob by locating suspicious sand in the game world. Suspicious sand can be found randomly throughout the game world, particularly near desert temples.

Using the new brush tool, players can search for eggs or other valuable items within the suspicious sand. After 20 minutes, the eggs will hatch, and the sniffer mob will be available for use.

The sniffer mob has a unique talent for sniffing out seeds in the surrounding area using its powerful sense of smell. When the sniffer detects a seed, it will dig it up, and the player can collect it. The seeds can either be torchflower seeds, which have been in the game for some time, or the brand new pitcher plant pods.

Growing the pitcher plant pods

After acquiring the pitcher plant pod, players can search for an appropriate location for it to develop. The optimal place to cultivate the pitcher plant is on farmland. By placing the pod on the farmland, it will gradually mature into a fully grown pitcher plant.

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A pitcher plant pod

Currently, the pitcher plant in Minecraft has only one purpose - to be a decorative plant. It can be utilized to enhance the visual appeal of a garden or scenery, as its distinct appearance distinguishes it from other plants in the game.

Other unique plants can be obtained via the sniffer mob

Along with the pitcher plant, players can use the sniffer mob to collect torchflowers, which are a distinct plant with vivid orange hues that can brighten up any garden.

The method of acquiring torchflowers is similar to that of the pitcher plant pods. Once acquired, the torchflowers can be placed on any block.

The sniffer mob is an advantageous tool for players who want to obtain both pitcher plants and torchflowers. Its capacity to detect seeds in the surrounding environment makes it an essential tool for players who want to expand their garden.

Other notable additions in 1.20

The 1.20 update for Minecraft brings a plethora of intriguing content for players, including a fresh biome, novel mobs (such as the sniffer and camel), and the ability to partake in archeology.

Moreover, the update adds new building materials like cherry wood and bamboo wood, which can be utilized to craft and construct new items. Whether players wish to amass a group of sniffers or embark on an archeological journey, the 1.20 update caters to everyone's interests.

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