There are 3 dimensions in each Minecraft world: Overworld, Nether and End. The End is the final dimension in the game, where players face the Ender Dragon boss. Players can get to the End by activating an End portal, which is located in the Nether Stronghold.

After defeating the Ender Dragon, it is possible to explore the outer End islands for valuable resources. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 resources to farm in Minecraft 1.20 End Dimension.

1. Dragon Egg

This is pretty much the rarest block in Minecraft. By killing the Ender Dragon for the first time, players will be able to loot a Dragon Egg near the exit portal. This block can only be acquired once in the game, as later revivals of the dragon do not drop it.

Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg is one of the rarest items in the game

The Dragon Egg is a purely decorative block, however. Players can use it as a trophy to showcase their achievement of defeating the final boss of the game.

2. Dragon Breath

The harming effect portion of the purple clouds emitted from the dragon's breath attack can be collected in a glass bottle to obtain dragon's breath. This is a brewing item that is used solely to make lingering potions.

Dragons Breath Minecraft Collect
Collecting the Dragon Breath in Minecraft can be pretty dangerous.

Lingering potions, in turn, can be used to create a lasting area of effect cloud, or to craft tipped arrows.

3. Dragon Head

This is another exclusive item that can only be found in the End dimension. Similar to other head blocks in Minecraft, players can wear it around. Dragon heads, however, are much bigger than other heads and look hilarious on players and mobs.

Dragon Head
This is the biggest wearable head.

Dragon heads are found as part of the flying End Ships in the End dimension.

4. Elytra

The Elytra wings are a high-end item that only spawns in end ships, which in turn can be found hovering over end cities. Those cities are on the outer end islands, 1000 blocks away from the central end island. The player can get to the outer end islands through the End gateway, which can only be accessed after defeating the Ender Dragon.

An End Ship
An End Ship in Minecraft

However, you can try to get an Elytra without defeating the final boss. Just get lots of blocks and begin to build a bridge to the outer island - this is Minecraft after all. You might need to create some type of shelter occasionally if the Ender Dragon notice and attack you, but that is fairly uncommon.

Minecraft Elytra
The Elytra along with the 2 treasure chests

After reaching the outer end island, find an end ship. The Elytra is in item frames in the treasure room of the end ship. A shulker guards the elytra and the ship's two loot chests.

5. Shulker shells

Shulker shells are one of the most useful mob drops in the game, as it allows players to create shulker boxes. A single shulker box can store up to 30 stacks of items, making mining trips much more efficient. Players need 2 shulker shells and a chest to create a basic shulker box. Just place one shulker shell on the middle spot of the first row, then a box under it, then another shell on the middle spot of the bottom row.

Shulker Box
Shulker box crafting formula.

Players need to wear elytra or feather-falling enchanted shoes while dealing with shulkers. With those items, even if they get hit with a levitation bullet, the fall damage taken should be minimal. Additionally, a shield can safely block a shulker bullet (both damage and effect are negated).

6. Chorus fruit

The Outer End islands are mostly barren, however, you can find a form of vegetation called Chorus plants on them. Each chorus plant has flowers that can be used to grow more chorus plants. Players need to place them on End stones for that to happen.

Chorus Fruit In Minecraft
Chorus Fruit in Minecraft is a rare item that can be crafted into a light source.

Breaking a chorus plant will drop chorus fruits. They can be cooked to make popped chorus, which is a component for making End rods and purpur blocks.

7. End Rod

An end rod is a decorative light source that emits white particles. To craft it, you’ll need to add one Blaze Rod at the bottom and one Popped Chorus Fruit on top. With one ingredient of each, you’ll produce four End Rods.

D2e87 16533685317224 1920
End Rods have a light level of 15

The best part about End Rods is that they don’t break when their supporting block gets destroyed. This makes it a versatile tool for decoration - players can stick it normally on a wall block or the ground or destroy the tethered blocks so that they float in the air.

8. Ender pearls

An ender pearl is an item dropped by Enderman used to teleport and to make an eye of ender. Endermen have a 50% chance to drop 1 ender pearl when killed. The drop is increased by 1 per level of Looting, with a maximum of 4 with Looting III.

Ender Pearl Minecraft 2
The ability to teleport makes the game much faster.

Players can easily create an Endermen farm in the End, as they are the most common mob to spawn here.

9. Nether Star

Trapping a Wither boss mob under the bedrock fountain on the main End island is the easiest way to farm them. The Nether Star drops after you defeat a Wither - it can be used to craft beacons, which is a powerful buff item that provides useful status effects.

Defeat Wither Boss
The Wither is the strongest boss mob in the game.

10. Obsidian

Obtaining loads of obsidian can be a chore, however, getting to the End makes it easy. Players can just mine the obsidian platform and towers that generate in the End realm after beating the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft Obsidian Nether
Minecraft Obsidian

The main End island also has plenty of obsidian to mind as well.

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