Mojang continues to steadily push the game towards 1.20, with both Java and Bedrock getting content updates. The recent update 1.19.70 for Bedrock has brought plenty of gameplay changes and bug fixes.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.70.

1. Improved horse breeding

Breeding horses in Minecraft used to be very different from real-life horse breeding. While in real life the bred horses produce quality offsprings that are just as fast or even faster than the original, Minecraft horse breeding produce foals with average stats between the two parents.

This means the only chance to get a fast horse is to find them randomly spawn in the overworld.

Minecraft How To Breed Horses
Horse breeding in Minecraft

However, with the newest update, horse breeding is much more viable now. From 1.19.70 onwards, when two adult horses are bred, the resulting foal has a chance to have base stats that are even better than the ones its parents had.

This would allow Minecraft players to get quality horses with a horse farm, allowing them to move around the map faster and jump higher.

2. Improved Player Emotes

Emotes have been a big part of Bedrock Edition's multiplayer for quite a while now and update 1.19.70 has made them even more accessible and visible in multiplayer. Furthermore, players can quickly fire off emotes using new shortcut keys.

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The Bedrock version has much more customization options compared to Java.

An emote wheel with 4 slots has been added, and emotes are also easier to sort. The 4 default emotes from Mojang will be equipped for the character when players create a new one in the dressing room.

3. Vanilla Parity

Bedrock and Java have always had a bit of feature mismatch, with each having some unique things that the other doesn't. However, Mojang aims to remove this issue. The 1.19.70 patch has brought quite a bit of feature parity to the game.

Some of the more notable changes are: eating and drinking animations are now always centered, regardless of screen aspect ratio, witches will now drink a Fire Resistance Potion when standing on a Campfire, villagers will now emit anger particles when hit by a player outside of a village.

4. Bug Fixes

Several crashes in Bedrock have been fixed, and many other gameplay and engine issues have been addressed. In preparation for the 1.20 update, Mojang has been trying to clear out as many bugs as possible.

While some fans may miss some of the bugs fixed in this update, the 1.19.70 patch should go a long way in removing the "Bugrock" moniker from this edition of the game.

5. Experimental features

The features can be enabled by turning on the “Next Major Update” toggle in world settings.

As these features are still incomplete, in development, and considered a work in progress, be sure to back up your worlds before enabling experimental features.


The desert biome would look much more interesting now with pots being added.
  • Added the Brush item
  • Added the Decorated Pot block
  • Added four Pottery Shards (Arms Up, Skull, Prize, and Archer)
  • Added the Suspicious Sand block
  • Added Suspicious Sand to the Desert Temple
  • Added Suspicious Sand to the Desert Well


  • The Brush is a craftable item you can use to brush things


Beta19u7 4
Sniffer and torchflower
  • The Torchflower seed can be planted on farmland and grows into a flower
  • The seed can be used to breed two Sniffers
  • The full-grown flower can be harvested and replanted but can also be crafted into a dye

Pottery Shards and Decorated Pots

Minecraft Archeology 1
Pottery and its various patterns - the 4 patterns of the shards will appear on the 4 sides of the pot.
  • Pottery Shards have pictures on them. They cannot be crafted and must be found in the world. Hint: you will need a Brush! By crafting four of these together you can create a Decorated Pot with a picture on each side.
  • You can also use Brick items instead of Pottery Shards in the crafting recipe. The sides that were made from Brick items will not have pictures.
  • Smash a Decorated Pot with any block-breaking tool to break it apart and get the Pottery Shards back! Or hit it with your fist to pick up the pot without breaking it.


The Sniffer has a lying down animation.
  • The Sniffer is the mob vote winner of Minecraft Live 2022 and the first [HS1] extinct mob brought to life and added to the game
  • Sniffers cannot be tempted or tamed
  • Sniffers are passive friendly mobs
  • Sniffer sniffs in the air and occasionally dig for seeds

Suspicious Sand

  • Desert Temples and Desert Wells now contain Suspicious Sand. This fragile block is hard to spot and easy to destroy, so be careful!
  • If you manage to find the Suspicious Sand and brush it with your Brush, you will extract objects that were buried long ago.

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