Minecraft has its fair share of wonder and magic in the vanilla game, with potion brewing, Elytra, and enchanting items. However, there is still a lot that can be improved. If you're looking for more mysticism in your games, there are plenty of mods available to add that witchy flair.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 10 best magic modpacks for Minecraft in 2023.

1. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2 is an official spiritual successor of the well-known Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack inspired by many RPG, roguelike, roguelite and dungeon-delving games and modpacks.

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2

It's an exploration-based modpack with over 250 mods, 100+ new biomes, 12+ dimensions and dozens of new dungeons to delve and loot, ground or flying structures to find and bosses to fight. Level up skills; find new better equipment, relics or trinkets; build and decorate your base and go exploring to find a lot of new interesting! Everyone can find something for themselves in this modpack.

2. Valhelsia 5

Valhelsia 5 is the fifth installation of the Valhesia modpack, this time for Minecraft 1.19. It offers something for every Minecraft player, no matter your play style. Builders will love the huge selection of gorgeous decorative blocks to expand the palette they can work with. Engineers and technical players have access to powerful automation and machinery.

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Valhelsia 5

Adventurers will find plenty of structures to discover throughout the world, plentiful caves and underground dungeons, and even more when traveling into other dimensions. You might even find some rare artifacts!

3. OccultCraft

OccultCraft is a fantasy/medieval themed modpack with an emphasis on bosses and magic and fun. It is tailored for magically-inclined players, adding a variety of related content such as spells and magical concoctions. Players can become a vampire, werewolf, visit other special dimensions, fight dragons, and more.

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To balance out the difficulty, the modpack adds many new mystical dungeons to explore, which also includes plenty of dangerous bosses.

4. Ice and Fire/ Magic Modpack

This Modpack expands Minecraft by adding lots of features in the case of magic and mystical creatures, for example, Botania or Ice and Fire. U can ride dragons, tame lots of new animals or even create your own Spell.

Ice and Fire/ Magic Modpack

Overall it aims to bring to you a revolutionary dragon experience, with access to all the basic and advanced needs of a dragon hunter/tamer.

5. Play as Dragon

Play as Dragon is a modpack from the developer of Dragon Survival mod. The main goal is to be a dragon and explore the harsh world.

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 Play as Dragon

Your wings will not save you from many arrows and every cave can become your grave. Only the strongest and most agile dragons can survive in this world. The modpack is not hardcore if you think outside the box and allocate your dragon's strength properly.

6. Craft to Exile [Dissonance]

Craft to Exile [Dissonance] is a 1.15.2 Forge modpack designed around exploration. Mods in Craft to Exile [Dissonance] aim to enhance the players' experience with Mine and Slash - a thorough ARPG mod dedicated to progression. Mine and Slash draw inspiration from popular action RPGs such as Diablo and Path of Exile.

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Craft to Exile [Dissonance]

7. World of Dragons

World of Dragons is built around Ice and Fire and heavily modified by Mine and Slash. Therefore, running into the wilderness to find that perfect spot to build your base is immediately the first wrong thing you can do. The further out you go from spawn the tougher the aggressive mobs become. The advantage is that as you kill mobs they will drop gear and spells.

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World of Dragons

8. Shattered Ring

Shattered Ring is a modpack inspired by the hit game Elden Ring. Featuring an all-new combat system, dozens of new intimidating enemies, and hundreds of points of interest to discover. Many of the systems you have come to understand in Minecraft have been overhauled.

Maxresdefault 3
Shattered Ring

Below are some of the biggest changes in this modpack:

  • Revamped combat that will test your abilities
  • Unique and interesting loot to uncover
  • A brand new world generator, filled with incredible locations
  • Revamped gameplay systems
  • Dozens of additional deadly foes

9. Horror Craft

Maybe you're too bored of normal Minecraft and want to try something that'll give you anxiety, this is what this modpack aims to do with a mix of somewhat peaceful daytime and a anxiety filling night in a experience sure to leave you scared of the dark.

Horrorcraft Screenshot 3
Horror Craft

If you're brave enough to enter a cave system with only a few torches then best of luck to you dealing with not just the creatures down there but the sounds and echoing screams of distant monsters that want to kill you from the darkness.

10. MC Kingdom

MC Kingdom: Deathdusk is a great medieval modpack that significantly enhances the gaming experience by meaningfully expanding the basic gameplay features.

MC Kingdom

During the development, special emphasis was (and is!) placed on a particularly realistic game experience without complicating it. It is a completely redesigned realistic Minecraft with a touch of fantasy through completely new game mechanics like crawling, realistic needs and so much more.

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