Minecraft is a fairly realistic game, with day and night cycles. Since the game’s inception, light has helped Minecraft players traverse through underground tunnels and brighten up home turfs. As hostile mobs only spawn in darkness, placing light sources around your base is very important.

Amongst them, Shroomlights are probably the best, with a light level of 15 and a unique appearance. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to get Shroomlights in Minecraft 1.19.

1. How to find Shroomlight in Minecraft

Players need to locate Huge Fungi to get Shroomlight. These giant mushrooms only spawn in 2 nether biomes, the Warped and Crimson Forest. Both crimson and warped huge fungi can generate shroomlights near the top.

Minecraft Shroomlight 1 1024x576

Once you locate a Huge Fungi, just break it open with your pickaxe and search for Shroomlight. Shroomlight blocks can be broken with any tool, and always drops as an item, but a hoe is the fastest.

Unlike Glowstone, Shroomlights also allow redstone signals to pass through them, as they are treated like a solid block.

2. How to grow Huge Fungi for renewable Shroomlight

Get to the Nether

Huge crimson fungi and huge warped fungi generate in crimson forests and warped forests, respectively. Huge fungi only generate naturally in their corresponding biome.

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the Nether

The only way to find these two biomes is to explore the Nether. They have a pretty high spawning chance, only behind Nether Wastes.

Plant fungi on nylium block

Players need to harvest both warped/crimson fungi and the respective nylium block in the forest.

Both variants can grow instantly from their respective fungi if planted on their respective nylium block (e.g. warped fungus on warped nylium). Players need to use bone meal for them to grow, and there is a 40% chance of growth with each bone meal used.

3. Decorate your base with Shroomlights

After you have obtained a few Shroomlight, just place them in strategic places on your base to light it up. As the block has a very high light level of 15, you won't have to worry about enemies spawning again.

Shroomlight's ability to let redstone signal pass through it is pretty useful.

The texture of the block is also fairly unique and can fit a lot of builds.

Additionally, players can also use Huge fungi to decorate their base instead of the usual trees. These giant mushrooms grow even with blocks above them, up to 27 blocks tall.

What are the best light sources in Minecraft?

Each light-emitting source has its own light level. For example, there is a difference in level between a normal Torch and a Redstone Torch. When it comes to natural light from the sky, any block exposed directly to sunlight will have a light level of 15.

light levels
There are mods that display light levels in Minecraft.

Below are the light levels of the most common light sources in Minecraft:

  • Torch: 14
  • Furnace: 13
  • Jack O' Lantern: 15
  • Fire: 15
  • Lava: 15
  • Glowstone: 15
  • Soul Campfire: 10

Overall, torches are considered the most efficient light block, resource wise. You can just craft a bunch and place them everywhere you want. Glowstone is a good alternative as well if you frequent the Nether to mine enough of them.

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