Custom maps in Minecraft are a great way to enjoy everything the game has to offer. These maps allow players to enter a world and go on an adventure designed by someone else. There are quire a few horror-themed maps on the internet, some are original, and some are inspired by others.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 horror maps to try this Halloween in Minecraft 2022.

1. POISON 2.0

Villagers are the most useful friendly mob in the game. They give players a lot of benefits, including loot and trades. This custom map completely reverses that by turning villagers into demons that hunt players down. All villages have also been overhauled completely, with new structures to explore.


The map has a great storyline allowing great immersion - both the villagers and illagers get new textures that look extremely creepy.

2. Herobrine's Mansion

Herobrine's Mansion is a very old map - it was created and published back in November 2012 by Hypixel. They have collaborated with Xiantis recently to port the classic Adventure map to the 1.10 version of the game. The remaster polishes it up a fair bit, adding new features while staying true to the original version. The redstone system has been replaced with the new command blocks added in 1.9.

Herobrine's Mansion

This legendary classic horror map will bring a lot of scary yet fond memories to many veteran players.

3. Beware

Beware is a "psychological horror" themed map, which is a bit different from the usual horror. It is a fascinating story where players get stuck in a village and has to follow clues from a phone conversation with their wife, which eventually leads them down a dark and dangerous path.

Beware Psychological Horror Map In Minecraft

The map promises to be highly immersive due to creepy sound effects, wonderfully ambient scary music, and a story that keeps you glued to the screen.

4. Abandoned City

Abandoned City is a great map for people that like horror maps with a storyline! This time it is your job to explore Wedsington, a place where containers with chemical fluids are stored. This mysterious, ominous town square can be explored either solo or with one other player.

Minecraft Abandoned City
Abandoned City

The map is actually part mystery and part creepy thriller, as players are tasked with exploring this hostile place and finding out just what went wrong here.

5. Into The Depths

Into The Depths is a Silent Hill-inspired map that aims to capture the immersion and psychological creepiness of the series. On this dark and creepy map, players assume the role of an escaped convict who wandered onto the area, as they were chased by dangerous creatures.

Minecraft Into The Depths Horror Map
Into The Depths

Taking refuge in a dark and eerie castle, the player's main task is to explore it to find a way out.  As players progress through this chilling tale, deep, dark secrets — and the occasional creeping foe — begin to reveal themselves. There won't be jump scares in this map - but rather, an unsettling narrative and some general eeriness.

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