Gathering blocks and items is something you often do in Minecraft. The process is rather time-consuming, and to speed that up, it is recommended to use tools other than just the pickaxe. The shovel works much faster for digging dirt, grass, sand... etc.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for the Shovel in Minecraft 1.19, including how to craft, use, and best enchantments.

How to get a shovel in Minecraft

1. How to get a shovel in Minecraft


Requiring only two sticks and a plank, players can create a shovel as soon as they spawn into the world. The recipe for each tier of the shovel has the same crafting pattern but varies only on the crafting material used. Just place two sticks and any Planks/Stone Block/Iron Ingot/Gold Ingot/Diamond in a straight line on the crafting grid to create a shovel.

Make Wooden Shovel
Crafting recipe

A diamond shovel can be upgraded with a netherite ingot, just like other netherite tools.


Players can sometimes loot enchanted shovels from chests or mob drops. Alternatively, players can buy enchanted shovels from the toolsmith - they begin to sell enchanted diamond shovels at expert rank.

2. What are the uses for Shovels?


The shovel’s primary purpose is for digging. The shovel can break specific blocks faster than any other tool. To dig blocks, equip the shovel in your hand and press the destroy/attack key or left-click mouse button to break the block and drop the item.

4ce44c4b8936fe9cc253525722cdf714 Shovel
Digging with shovels

Shovels work well on blocks affected by gravity, such as sand and gravel, and on soil-based blocks, such as dirt and grass. When digging a block, the shovel’s durability will be reduced by 1.

However, this only applies to blocks that take more than a second to dig. Any block that instantly breaks when the shovel is used will not consume the shovel’s durability.

As a crafting ingredient

In Minecraft Bedrock and Education Edition, players need one wooden shovel to act as a paddle when crafting boats. The Java Edition requires only five planks.

Extinguishing campfires

Campfires are excellent light sources and cooking stations that do not extinguish even when it rains. By extinguishing them with a shovel, players can get a wood-like block that looks pretty good for decorating bridges and rooftops.

Creating dirt paths

Dirt paths are a great way to build roads and pathways in villages. The shovel can be used on grass, dirt, rooted dirt, coarse dirt, mycelium, and podzol blocks to create a dirt path.

Pressed Dirt
Dirt paths

To create dirt paths, you need to equip the shovel in your hand and press the use item/place block key or right-click the mouse button on a grass or dirt block. For each dirt path created, one durability is consumed on the shovel regardless of the tier.

3. Best enchantments for Shovels in Minecraft


Mending is not just among the best enchantments for shovels but also for the overall Minecraft tools. It might be simple but the power it holds cannot be underappreciated.

Mending consumes the EXP you get from defeating mobs, breaking, and smelting blocks. This feature will then turn into durability and help mend the items that is having low durability.

Silk Touch

Silk Touch is a special enchantment that allows players to get blocks instead of the usual items when mined. This saves you the trouble of having to process the items further to get the block. There are quite a few items that you can only get using a Silk Touch enchanted tool.

Completed Enchanted Diamond Shovel
Silk Touch

One can get silk touch in Minecraft through enchanting and trading, or as random spawn inside loot chests.


Gathering materials and creating materials will be more efficient with the help of Fortune. The enchantment can make the mined block drop more from the same block.

The only blocks that can be broken by a shovel the most quickly that are affected by this is gravel. Fortune I will increase the chances of getting flint, while Fortune III will give you flint 100% of the time. Which is handy if you don't have a skellie grinder/infinity bow. You can of course use it for blocks that can be broken by hand and sometimes drop something else, like leaves


Despite being basic, the Unbreaking is among the most useful Minecraft enchantments. It will decrease the chance of a weapon suffering from durability loss and this increases as the enchantment level hikes.


There are three tiers of the Unbreaking: I, II, and III. This enchantment is great for preserving the in-game Shovels for a long period of time.


Efficiency is an enchantment that increases the player's mining speed. When using a shovel to dig up a large number of blocks, having efficiency would speed up the process greatly. At Efficiency V, players should be able to break the blocks twice as fast.

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