Building a base in Minecraft is pretty easy - you only need a couple of blocks, a bed and some torches. Decorating it, however, is a bit harder and requires some effort on the players' part. There are certain things one must keep in mind in order to create a good looking base.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 best tips and tricks to decorate interiors in a Minecraft base. By following those, players should be able to craft a beautiful base with minimal effort.

1. Use blocks of various sizes

Most materials in Minecraft are designed around being a block, which means decoration is pretty hard, as everything is of the same size.

Different block sizes make the build more dynamic and realistic.

This is why you need to make use of partial blocks such as stairs, slabs, fences, signs, carpets... etc... in order to create variety for your build. Bottom half labs also have the ability to prevent mobs from spawning so you don't need to light the area up.

To create slabs, players only need to put three of the same blocks (any type) on a crafting table. Stairs require 6.

2. Makes use of chests, bookshelves and barrels

Bookshelves are a perfect choice for anyone who wants their Minecraft home to feel lived in. If you have some extra space, putting in some bookshelves is a great idea.

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A combination of different textures allows you to create unique looking furniture.

Chests are functionally the same, however, it also has the ability to store items. Putting chests in convenient locations such as the trade room or the portal room allow players to store excess items whenever they want.

Barrels are functionally the same as chess but they are better looking. Unlike chests, a barrel can be placed below a solid block and still be able to be opened. Both have a container inventory with 27 slots.

3. Utilize a variety of materials

There are 825 different blocks in Minecraft and each of them has a unique appearance. To create a better-looking base, it is best that players use more rare and unique blocks instead of just the usual wood and cobblestone. Simply creating a room comprised of one Minecraft block type isn't visually appealing to anybody.

How Many Block In Minecraft
Spend time gathering rare blocks result in better looking base.

Players can try mixing different wood types and variations while also utilizing stone or brick blocks. Even simple combinations such as stripped wood and wooden planks can make a huge difference to an interior's appeal.

4. Use glazed terracotta

Glazed terracotta is a vibrant solid block that comes in 16 regular dye colors, obtained by smelting colored terracotta. They are the intended "decorative blocks" in Minecraft. While costly, these colorful blocks are perfect for decoration, both inside and outside your base.

Apart from finding terracotta in biomes, players can make it by smelting Clay in a furnace. Clay is a regular block that can be found in rivers, swamps, and shallow waters.

Terracotta Minecraft
Terracotta is expensive but can be used to create very unique textures.

Afterward, use dyes to turn the blocks into the color you want. Just put eight blocks of terracotta on the crafting table with the middlebox having the kind of dye you want. Just one dye is needed to alter all terracotta blocks’ colors. Finally, put the colored terracotta into the furnace again to turn them into glazed variant.

5. Keep vertical space in mind

In areas where decoration is a priority, higher ceilings, ideally at least four blocks, are the way to go. Adding a sizable ceiling gives a room a sense of scope and provides additional room not only for wall hangings but also for large lighting fixtures.

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High ceilings give you the space to expand later.

This requires a lot more effort, of course, but the results are absolutely worth it. Players can try it out in a room such as a library or an armory to give an extra feeling of gravitas to the environment.

Another benefit is leaving space for any ceiling lights should the player want them later. Placing lights also prevents hostile mobs from spawning, which is a must have feature of a base.

6. Greenery makes a huge difference

To spruce up a base's room and bring some life into it, placing some greenery might be a good idea. Players can either grow plants in pots or make an indoor garden.

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Greenery makes good decoration.

Leaf blocks and vines are especially compelling options, as they can stand in for modern topiaries very well. If you are going to build a more contemporary homes/bases, using them is a great idea.

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