Minecraft mobs can spawn anywhere and it would be pretty annoying to have them invading your base. Therefore, spawn proofing is usually the first thing you must do after creating one. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide on how to spawn proof your base in Minecraft 2022.

1. Keep your base well lit

Zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders only spawn once the light level of any place reaches 7 or below. Therefore, placing light blocks at various strategic places is the best way to prevent mobs from spawning, with torches being the most common.

Other light blocks such as Shroomlight or Glowstone emit higher light levels than torches but are fairly hard to find. Lanterns are great for aesthetic purposes as they look good in typical base builds like wooden cottages and log houses.

Light levels in Minecraft
Light levels in Minecraft that prevent mobs from spawning

This method doesn't work on mobs that spawn regardless of light levels like slimes, hoglins and magma cubes.

2. Add slabs and half blocks to your builds

In Minecraft, mobs only spawn on top of full blocks. Therefore, building the ground of your base with half blocks and slabs is actually a pretty good idea. Just be careful as only the bottom half slabs are spawn-proof, while those slabs placed on the top half and double slabs are not.

slabs in Minecraft
There are a lot of variants of building blocks and slabs in the game.

Additionally, using dirt paths/grass paths also counts as a partial block in height and can prevent mobs to spawn.

3. Utilize transparent blocks

Mobs can’t spawn on transparent blocks such as glass blocks and leaves. Therefore, placing them as decorations in your garden or the base's vicinity is a great way to prevent mobs from ruining your day. The best part is that they look very natural, unlike torches and other light sources.

Transparent Blocks
Transparent Blocks can make your base look more natural.

The player and any other mob outside the block can easily walk and jump on top of them, however.

4. Use carpets

If players don't want to use the above methods, they can alternatively cover the ground areas of their base with carpet. They are also considered partial blocks, which also trigger the height mechanic of slabs to prevent mobs from spawning.

Carpet is a great block for decoration as well.

Carpet can be crafted pretty easily from wool. Players can find them generated naturally in Village, Mansions, Ancient Cities and Igloos.

5. Make use of liquid

While liquid elements are not completely spawn-proof, they still limit mob spawning. Non-aquatic mobs cannot spawn in water and only strider can spawn in lava. Because of that, it can be useful to incorporate elements such as water/lava moats around your base to prevent mobs from approaching.

Only a few mobs can spawn in liquid, and they are not that dangerous.

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