PVP in Minecraft is actually not just two players spamming clicks at each other - there can be a lot of other factors involved. Utility items can change the course of the fight greatly, and pro-PVP players should be able to make use of that. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the top 5 utility items to use in Minecraft PVP.

1. Ender Pearl

When thrown, ender pearls teleport the user to the location it lands. This is very useful in getting over obstacles or escaping dangerous situations. On some terrains like a steep cliff or the nether, one must throw it carefully or risk taking heavy fall damage.

Ender Pearl Minecraft
Teleporting with pearl is the easiest way to catch up to a running enemy

If you hit your opponent with it, they will take knockback as if you hit them with a snowball. Therefore, you can hit someone with a pearl as they are escaping to instantly catch up and hit them. Some players prefer to pearl to the side or behind the opponent's back.

2. Blocks

Blocks are useful in a pinch to obstruct the path of enemies or to create an escape path. They are highly useful in tight spaces where you only need a few to completely ward off the route.

Moss Blocks
Placing durable blocks to ward off enemies is a legitimate strategy.

Players can also use blocks to pillar up walls or other heights to reach safety. Just watch out for projectiles, as they can knock you off.

3. Shield

Shields can be used to block incoming attacks. Upon a successful block, shields negate damage and knockback from both melee attacks and ranged attacks. Arrows and tridents blocked by a shield may ricochet off onto nearby blocks or entities. Against inexperienced opponents, a good shield user is nearly impossible to defeat.

Minecraft Shield
A shield is the best item to deal with bow or crossbow users.

To deal with shields, it is best to use an Axe, as it disables shield for 5 seconds on hit. A piercing crossbow is useful as well - its shots penetrate shields.

4. Fishing Rod

Fishing rods are a gimmicky item, dealing no damage to players but knocking them back slightly on contact. Repeated strikes may open up a small window of opportunity for a combatant to slip in a few sword strikes. The knockback can also push enemies off the cliff as well, causing them to take significant fall damage.

Fishing Rod Minecraft
A fishing rod can actually be pretty effective in combat.

This can also be a decent tool to deal durability damage to armors and break them, however, players might need to enchant it with Unbreaking and Mending.

5. Tipped Arrow

Instead of normal arrows, players can use special arrows alongside their bows and crossbows for deadly effects. For example, a multishot crossbow can hit all 3 arrows on the same target at close range, and if all three of them are Arrows of Harming II, the resulting damage can one-shot pretty much everyone.

Tipped arrows can deal a lot of damage, especially when the enemy does not expect it.

Arrow of Harming II deals 6 hearts worth of damage, and with multishot, the bonus damage becomes 18 hearts.

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