Hardcore mode is the most difficult default mode in Minecraft. It is mostly identical to hard mode, however, permanent death is enabled and players have only one life. The best Minecraft players often challenge themselves by playing in this mode. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the top 5 useful enchantments to have in Minecraft Hardcore Mode.

1. Power

The bow is your main weapon in Hardcore, as it allows you to deal damage while staying safe at long range.

Bow shots can deal a lot of damage.

Power is the main enchantment you need to get for your arrows to actually deal damage. It increases arrow damage by 25% × (level + 1), rounded up to the nearest half-heart.

Level Increase No Charge Medium Charge Full Charge Full Charge (Critical)
Not Enchanted 0% 1 5 6 11
I 50% 2 8 9 16
II 75% 2 9 11 19
III 100% 2 10 12 20
IV 125% 3 12 14 23
V 150% 3 13 15 25

Overall, the damage difference between levels I, III and V is massive, especially on a Full Charge critical shot. This is why getting Power up is the most important thing you need to do aside from Infinity.

2. Feather Falling

Fall damage is one of the more common ways to die in Minecraft. Therefore, Feather Falling is one of the more useful enchantments you can have on your boots, as it cuts your falling damage taken by half. The enchantment has 4 levels, with each level reducing fall damage by 12%.

Feather Falling Enchantment
Feather Falling Enchantment In Minecraft

Damage reduction stacks with protection on armors. Furthermore, it also reduces the damage from ender pearl teleportations.

3. Fire Protection

In the Nether, lava is pretty much everywhere - you can't walk two steps without seeing them. Falling into lava is usually lethal, and mobs in the nether have a tendency to knock you into it. Because of this, having the Fire Protection enchantment on at least one piece of your gear is required. It's also a key factor to beat the Nether Fortress in Minecraft.

Fire Protection allows players to explore the Nether more easily.

Every additional level of Fire Protection adds an extra 8% of protection and Fire Protection IV is the max level, which translates to 32%. You can stack this by enchanting multiple pieces of armor, up to a max of 80% reduction. This enchantment also allows you to tank the Blazes' fireballs.

4. Protection

Another all-rounder useful enchantment in Minecraft, the best part about protection is that it reduces all damage, from weapon to fire, lava and even fall damage. The protection enchantment is applied after the armor's damage reduction.

Minecraft Best Armor Enchantment
This enchantment is essential for armors.

The formula for damage reduction is (4 × level)% for each armor piece. The max level is 4, which means for 4 pieces of armor with protection IV, players can get up to 64% damage reduction. All damage reduction has a hard cap of 80%.

With this remarkable feature, protection IV is considered Minecraft's best armor enchantment at the moment.

5. Mending

Mending is an enchantment that restores the durability of an item using experience. It is the most sought-after enchantment in Minecraft, as Mending allows your character to fix its gear indefinitely.

Minecraft Mending Enchantment Guide
Mending is the most useful amongst the rarest enchantments in Minecraft.

Mending counts as a treasure enchantment; it can be obtained from chest loot, fishing, raids‌, or trading with a Librarian of any level. However, unlike Frost Walker where you only need a few books, Mending is something you need as many as possible.

6. Fortune

The Fortune enchantment is pretty simple. It allows users to get more of the items they mined with the enchanted tool. Usually, you only get one gem per block of ore... and this enchantment gives you more than one. For extracting rare ores such as diamonds, having a Fortune 3 pickaxe is essential. Silk Touch and Fortune are mutually exclusive.

Fortune III
Fortune III is one of the best enchantments for tools in Minecraft.

Fortune III can be acquired via a max level enchantment table. However, you can combines tools with Fortune I from the shops to get Fortune II, and merge the Fortune IIs to get Fortune III. Fortune I tools are quite common in shops.

7. Looting

Looting is an enchantment for swords that can cause mobs to drop more items and increase the chances of rare drops. If players are planning on creating an Ender Pearl or Shulker Shells farm in the End, having a Looting III sword is a must.

Looting speeds up your farm greatly.

A sword with looting 3 would increase the number of drops dramatically and reduce the farming time greatly. Its extra ability to increase the percentage for a rare drop is also pretty valuable.

8. Protection IV

Overall, Protection is the stock enchantment you need to get on all your armor pieces and not just boots. This enchantment reduces damage taken from all sources, including lava, explosion and even fall damage. Multiple sources of damage reduction can stack up to an upper limit of 80%.

Protection Enchantment
You should apply the Protection enchantment on boots

Protection, Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection are mutually exclusive. Players need console commands to apply them to an item.

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