Minecraft is a gigantic game, which might be pretty intimidating to new players, who get instantly dropped into a huge open world. They often get confused and don't know what to do next. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase a guide for the first 10 minutes in Minecraft.

1. Create a temporary landmark at your spawn location

It is vital to create a pillar at your spawn location immediately, as it will help in the future in case you get lost. The easiest way is to dig the blocks adjacent to the block you are standing on and then place them one on top of the other to form a pillar below your feet.

Pillar Jumping to create a vantage point.

Pillar jumping (jump -> place -> jump) can create a tall pillar, which serves as a good vantage point to scout the nearby area.

2. Find trees

Wood is the most important material early on for crafting, and locating the nearest source of wood is vital. If you do not see any trees, pick a random direction and walk until you find them. While doing so, take note of food sources such as animals, as well as small caves as shelter, as they will be useful later on.

Jungle Tree Minecraft
Locate the nearest trees.

If you do see a tree, cut it down by holding down destroy and collect all of the logs. you do not need to destroy the leaves, as they will decay automatically, but collect the saplings and apples that drop from the leaves, if there are any.

3. Collect building materials

If you see no trees in the first 5 minutes, it might be a good idea to collect some blocks as shelter materials. Any block would do, from dirt to sand (in a desert) or snow (in the tundra - though this will first require obtaining a shovel). Get as much as you can then move on.

Minecraft Village
Finding a village is the easiest way to start.

You might even be able to come across a village if you spawned in plains, savanna, desert, taiga, snowy taiga‌, or snowy tundra biome.

4. Make a crafting table

After finding wood, it is time to create a crafting table using 4 planks, which can easily be created from any wood block. Afterward, make a wooden pickaxe and a wooden axe. Dividing the planks into sticks (1 log = 4 planks = 8 sticks), then use them with the crafting table to create the tools.

Have A Crafting Table
Minecraft players need to have a crafting table

This will let you get cobblestone and progress to better tools. If you are on an island with limited resources, it might be a good idea to craft a boat with 5 flanks and get out of there.

5. Build a shelter

Dig down or into hills using your fist on the dirt, and then use the pickaxe to gather at least 19 blocks of stone, which will drop as cobblestone when mined. This cobblestone will enable you to build your first tools and a furnace.

Simple Starter Base
A simple Starter Base in Minecraft

Afterward, you can build your first shelter to prepare for the night. A bed would require some wool, which is pretty tricky to get early on.

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