Although getting around in Minecraft can be challenging, there are ways to make it easier, such using horses, boats, or the Nether. Even these techniques, though, can take time. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a teleportation method that instantly takes you to and from a different environment so you can gather resources like emeralds? Teleport mods for Minecraft can help with that.

1. Waystones

Popular Minecraft mod "Waystones" introduces magical stones that may be used to transfer players between various locations. The mod also adds a network of pre-existing waystones that may be found and triggered, as well as a crafting mechanism that enables players to make their own waystones.

Players can create their own network of waystones with the help of this mod, which makes it simple to move swiftly and effectively throughout the Minecraft world. Players can assign waystones unique names to make them simpler to recognize, and waystones can be triggered by interacting with them.


One of the standout qualities of the Waystones mod is how customizable it is, letting users change things like the teleportation range and the maximum number of waystones that may be activated. This makes it a fantastic mod for anyone who wish to personalize their playthrough of Minecraft and speed up their exploration of the virtual world.

2. Telepad

The TelePad block is a well-liked Minecraft mod that is included with the game. Players can travel between various points in the Minecraft universe by using this block. Other features included by the patch include the ability to set up numerous TelePads for faster travel and to customize teleportation ranges.

Players must first create the block with materials like iron, gold, and redstone in order to use the TelePad. Players can interact with the TelePad after it has been placed to open a GUI that lets them change the block's settings, including the TelePad's name and the teleportation range.

Telepad 1024x576

A network of teleportation stations can be built with the TelePad mod and numerous TelePads, enabling players to move across the Minecraft world swiftly and effectively. A teleportation log and the option to turn off teleportation for specific people or creatures are additional capabilities offered by the mod.

3. Teleportation Works

The Teleportation Works mod is designed to provide travelers and hunters in Minecraft with magical tools to facilitate teleportation. By crafting Teleport Beacons and placing them in any dimension and favorite locations within the world, anyone can teleport to these locations later using a Wand of Teleportation or Splash Potion of Teleportation.

Teleportation Works 1024x576
Teleportation Works

To teleport an entity instantly to your active teleport destination, simply throw one of the potions at them or shoot them with a Tipped Arrow of Teleportation from a bow. In addition, the mod allows you to lay down a Teleport Rail that can instantly transport a minecart and its passenger to any other Teleport Rail.

The Teleportation Works mod also includes a Teleport Cube that can be loaded with empty minecarts or boats, allowing players to ride them as they teleport in. With so many possible uses, this mod offers a great deal of flexibility and convenience for players.

4. Oxygen: Teleportation

If you've played Skyrim or other RPG games, you may recognize the type of map that displays interesting points or waypoints. These allow you to view the area's overview and teleport to it quickly with a single click.

Oxygen Teleportation 1024x536
Oxygen: Teleportation

The Oxygen: Teleportation mod for Minecraft does exactly that by enabling players to create private and public points of interest (POIs). These POIs can be used by players and their friends, both on the client-side and server-side, as a fast way to travel around the world and complete missions. This feature is both convenient and exciting!

5. Recall

If you are familiar with League of Legends, you are likely aware of the function of Recall. It brings your player character back to a specific point, usually the player's bed or spawn point if they haven't slept yet.

Recall 1 17

When you install the Recall mod, you will gain access to a new item called the Recall Amulet. Using this amulet will return you to your spawn point. You can customize various features of the amulet, including its durability, the cast time required to use it, the sound effects it plays when used, and the visual particles it produces.

6. Teleport Me

If you have experience with Minecraft commands, you may already be familiar with the existing teleport command (/tp). However, this command is limited to teleporting your character within the same dimension, which can be frustrating.

Teleport Me 1024x576
Teleport Me

Fortunately, the Teleport Me mod provides a solution. With this mod, you can specify which player you want to teleport, the dimension you want to teleport to, and the specific coordinates you want to teleport to, just like with the normal tp command. The command for using this mod is: /tpme PlayerName dimensionID X Y Z

7. Portal Gun

It's safe to say that you'll be familiar with this weapon if you've played any of the Portal games. The mod features additional ingredients and crafting instructions that you may use to make your own portal gun, which was inspired by Valve's portal gun.

However, as it needs a diamond, an ender pearl, numerous iron ingots, and most significantly, a nether star, the portal gun is expensive to produce. The left and right mouse controls can be used to build two portals of your choice once you've finished crafting it. You can travel through or even see what's on the other side of these connected portals. This special characteristic distinguishes this gateway mod for Minecraft from others!

Portal Gun Mod 1024x555
Portal Gun

8. Simple Teleporters

The Simple Teleporters mod does exactly what its name implies by adding straightforward teleporters to the game that you can craft and use as desired. Additionally, this mod is compatible with both Minecraft Forge and Fabric, so you can enjoy it no matter which version you play!

Simple Teleporters Mod 1024x576
Simple Teleporters

To use the mod, you first need to smelt ender eyes in a furnace to obtain ender shards. You can use these shards to set your specific location and craft a teleporter using one block of gold, four quartz blocks, and two ender shards. Once you have crafted the teleporter, you can insert the ender shard that you previously obtained to teleport to your desired location. It's that easy!

9. Ring of Teleport

The Ring of Teleport is a Minecraft mod that adds a new item—a ring—that enables you to choose a specific place to which you can teleport at any time. By right-clicking the ring once you've set this destination, you can quickly teleport there again. Although it is a straightforward and easy mod, you cannot teleport to locations in other dimensions using it.

Ring Of Teleport 1024x555
Ring of Teleport

10. Teleport++

This Minecraft teleport mod belongs to the magic category and features a dark purple teleport rift and area. Once you place it down, you can name it and easily teleport between them. Additionally, if you need to teleport many entities in a certain area, you can use the Area Teleport option. You can also use a purple pearl, known as the Personal Teleporter, to create a quick teleportation portal.

Personal Teleporter

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