Nowadays, with the power of PCs and high-end console, game developers are able to produce AAA video games with great graphics, huge open world, characters with detailed designs. Those AAA games are great, no doubt about that, but they can easily make us forget that there are many great games out there too. If you feel like you are having too much of those AAA games, I suggest you take a look at the indie video games as well. They do not have stunning graphics like those AAA games, but they still have great gameplay, wonderful music, interest open worlds …

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Indie games are great too, dont underestimate them

If you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, you are likely to love the new indie game American Fugitive. This sandbox game has an open world in the 1980s to 1990s of the US. Playing this game and you will feel that you are watching a classic movie or playing a classic old game. Yet this game is very modern with a lot of great modern features for all the actions of the game: stealing, fighting and driving.

American Fugitive
A gun fight in American Fugitive

Your world in American Fugitive is Redrock County – a quiet town in the US. This game’s graphics has been taken care of with great effort, with a 3D top-down viewpoint for you. First time playing it, I was almost mistaken that this game was made by Rockstar itself as an indie game for Grand Theft Auto series. But actually, American Fugitive is the creation of Fallen Tree Games developer. This game developer has successfully created Black, Crysis, and TimeSplitters, so we don’t have to question the capability of this developer.

American Fugitive
The 80s vibe of American Fugitive

And the best thing of American Fugitive is that this game is available on all gaming platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. You can grab this game from all platform. This game’s main quest only takes you about 10-14 hours, but this is a sandbox game, so you get to roam around the open world of its to do whatever you want. If you are looking for something not an AAA game to relax and roam around with a classic vibe, look no further because American Fugitive is here.

American Fugitive
You want an indie game yet still modern? American Fugitive is here