Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. The game is about heroic adventures, unnamed planet, extraordinary technology phenomena, powerful exosuits and threads in the world.

Last week, a bug in the game Anthem appeared. It allowed players to receive converted Legendary-tier and Masterwork items in a short amount of time at a dramatically higher rate than usual. However, BioWare, the developer of the game, had fixed this bug and published the 1.0.3 patch. As the game was more interesting within the bug giving them raining loot, Anthem players spoke up clear and loud. They are intending to make a boycott in order to get their point across. They are fed up with the ground loot and BioWare’s slow progress is making toward fixing it.


Anthem is raising a boycott for fixing a loot bug

Redditor Afinda’s trending post on Anthem subreddit at present declared that: "Protest the loot drop changes. Bring back the bug and let us taste the foot shower. Get your point across, simple as that. Stop Playing the game for a whole week (hopefully with the support of the entire subreddit) to show BioWare that all it'd take for us to really enjoy the game is to receive loot." She wrote this thread for Anthem. She also motivates other players to stop playing Anthem from March 11th to March 15th in order to show off their dissatisfied and unhappiness.

Looking around on Anthem subreddit, you will see that Afinda is not lonely in showing off their frustrations towards Anthem’s boot process.

Many players are unhappy about the upgrading of Anthem

Several gamers had been really enjoying the game till they started investigating deep into the stingy endgame grind in the last weeks. Anthem only has three Strongholds as an endgame to speak of. One of them is reprocessed final mission. One minor pleasure of Anthem’s endgame is having Legendary and Masterwork loot that could enhance javelin exosuit power immediately. By farming up higher gear level, Anthem players will experience much more tough Grandmaster part 2 and 3 complexities. Opponents damage and HP scales here go together with earing gear opportunities exponentially.

3the HP and damage scales exponentially along with your gear changes

Despite drop rates acceleration, the loot system of Anthem penalized result of randomized conditions which make Legendary weapon a downgrade over lesser tiers of loots. It causes Anthem grinding loot quite disheartening due to rare Legendary and Masterwork gear opportunities.

So, a bug leading to plenty of Legendaries and Masterworks was so pleased and satisfied the players. Players could earn up to seven items after finishing a stronghold. As usual, the player would earn nothing. One Redditor shared that: “Bugged' loot was the best Anthem felt since launch." Another Redditor also stated: “BioWare, whatever you have done to the loot, intentional or not, DO NOT REVERT IT."

Both posts were published on Saturday, some hours before having the bug fixed. They are consequences of anger and criticism widespread in the community. After that, Anthem subreddits are running threads towards BioWare, forcing it to hear the community’s viewpoints. Coupled with an already increasing number of Anthem problems, it is reasonable for players to lose their patience. Moreover, BioWare is making it the game less and less entertaining as it restored the loot bug.


The game is less interesting due to the loot bug fixed

Before this huge controversy, there were a lot of the same situations happened. Every new revelation is gradually upsetting Anthem players. An instance of this is when discovering that the most powerful weapon in the whole game is level 1 rifle. Another episode is when concerning that Anthem was bricking PS4s as PS4’s console players were smashing so hard. The number of disasters is growing through time, prompting many players to make comparisons to No Man’s Sky and Fallout 76.

There was no response from BioWare since then.