I bet it when you think about Twitch streaming there are a few big names that's always come back to you. However, there are still many small streamers that are fighting for your attention out there. So take a little look at the reaction of this streamer when he was able to pull off the elimination of King Richard and Dizzy in Apex Legends.

Dizzy of Apex Legends

Actually, Apex Legends has always remained near or on the top of the Twitch streaming board for the past few weeks since its release in February. Many streamers have actually make the shift over to the game like Shroud, summit1G, Dr. Disrespect, and Ninja. But Apex still made it stars of its own.

Apex Legends After Killing King Richard And Dizzy
A streamer went wild

We have Dizzy is a very prominent star coming up from Apex Legends. He plays as a member of Kiuygng Richard and Ninja's team, he has won the inaugural tournament of Apex and kept on going from that.

Before Apex Legends, Dizzy was a relative unknown streamer but with Apex he has really made a name. From that day, he gradually gathered up many wins and kills, he has put himself in the top of Apex streamers.

On the other hand, that also means that the other players will also come after him for the increasing price on his head. They all know that eliminate the famous Dizzy will help them ( especially small streamers) get good publicity.


A twitch partner, Streamer ComedyRussell who killed the squad of Dizzy in Apex Legends has shown the best reaction at that moment, eventhough he himself got killed too right after that.

In this clip, we got to watch the entire engagement and gameplay when ComedyRussell is getting the upper hand, he showed a lot of emotions. Be careful that this clip is not appropriate to watch at work. Meanwhile on the other side, Dizzy just think of it as a normal death to him.

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