As we have reported, the first season of Apex Legends – Wild Frontier – has begun (you must have known it by now if you are not coming out from a cave). The patch notes for the first season has also been released. The highlight of the first season is the new character Octane and the battle pass.

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The battle pass for season one will cost you 950 Apex Coin, which is roughly about 10USD. However, despite all the hype for the battle pass, it received quite a lot of criticism from the community as the players calm that it doesn’t offer as many rewards as they expected.

However, Respawn Entertainment does not let us down that easily. Besides quickly releasing a blog to further explain about the season one battle pass, they also put inside a reward for any players that complete 100 levels of the first battle pass of Apex Legends

If players can finish all 100 tiers of this first Battle Pass, they will be given enough Apex Coins as rewards to buy the next Battle Pass of the game when it becomes available (highly likely the battle pass for season two).

This information was confirmed in a Reddit comment by JayRespawn.


With 1,000 Apex coins, players can buy many characters and gun skins, as well as many other cosmetic items in Apex Legends. But the wisest investment would be using that money to buy the battle pass ticket of the season two.

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The Battle Pass is still certainly a good deal, just not as good as we hoped. Even so, the bright side of this battle pass is that you might never have to buy one again.