After having hit the 50 million player milestone, the hot hit Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment has been expected to introduce the first season of the game. And all Apex Legends players are setting up their hope really high for the first battle pass in the game, which is promised to be introduced alongside with the first season of the game.

After some delays and promises, we are now having the official information on the first season of Apex Legends and the battle pass for it. From the official website of Apex Legends (which is quite dedicatedly prepared), the first season of Apex Legends is introduced with the name Wild Frontier. The new character Octane with the battle pass and battle pass bundle are the highlights of the season one.

Screenshot 3
The highlights of the season one in Apex Legends

The first battle pass of Apex Legends will cost gamers of the game 950 Apex Coins and will unlock a new reward (weapon skins to banners and different stat trackers) whenever the player reaches a new level during the season. The first level of the battle pass is set to be automatically achieved for the buyers of the battle pass, which is quite a good gift from EA and Respawn Entertainment. This level will unlock 3 Legend skins for battle pass users.

There are totally 100 levels in this battle pass for season one, which means EA and Respawn Entertainment intended to keep Apex Legends players occupied during the first season of the game. However, if you are a gamer with a good budget, you can buy the battle pass bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins. This battle pass bundle will automatically set you at level 26 of the battle pass, skipping the first 25 levels.

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