This policy might actually spoil a lot of movies – the next time a supposed “hero” on a movie or TV show pulls out an Android phone, start getting suspicious. During an interview, Rian Johnson, director of Knives Out, claimed that Apple does not allow villain characters to use its products.

Rian Johnson Knives Out

Johnson is pretty concerned about revealing this information. Due to Apple products’ popularity, various mystery movies can be spoiled by knowing this simple detail. A lot of companies allow their products to make appearances in movies (especially Sony with their product placement spam by their production company), however, this is the first time a company is known to restrict the appearance of the products using this.

This can pretty much spoil a reveal in Knives Out, as in the movie, Jamie Lee Curtis, the mother, is shown using an iPhone, whereas her son played by Chris Evans does not have any Apple products. Evans’ character turned out to be the villain in the third act of the movie.

Knives Out was a big success for Johnson’s career, after the critical failure that is Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The movie earned over three hundred million at the box office worldwide, giving the guy his first Oscar nomination ever for original screenplay. A sequel is immediately scheduled afterward, with various big names like Daniel Craig, Chris Evans…

Evans is growing out of the shadow of his "Captain America" role

It is a mystery film inspired by Agatha Christie’s novels, which tells the story of a detective who’s on a murder investigation after the patriarch of an influential family is murdered. According to Johnson, this movie was originally intended to be R-rated, but he dropped the last fuck-bomb out of the movie to stop that from happening.

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