The mobile gaming industry is booming. In 2023, the revenue of the market is expected to reach 315.90 billion, with the number of users anticipated to surpass 3 billion by the end of the year. 

This is why services like Apple Pay are so important when it comes to the industry’s growth. This is a mobile payment service provided by Apple Inc. allowing users to make quick and easy in-app, online and physical payments.

For many people around the world, this method of paying has replaced credit and debit cards, as it can work with any merchant who accepts contactless payment. But what exactly are the benefits of Apple Pay and why are they important to the mobile gaming industry?

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Benefits Of Apple Pay For Mobile Gaming

The first thing to note is that Apple Pay is, quite simply, easy. You can store your card in a digital wallet and use it even when you are offline. This is an important factor when it comes to mobile gaming. 

If you are playing at an online casino, for instance, then you are doing so because it is far easier and convenient to do so on your phone rather than actually travelling to a physical casino. Using Apple Pay at online casinos makes sure this efficiency is supported and players can quickly and safely transfer their money to reap the full benefits of their chosen game.

It also has unique two-factor authentication security – either by touch ID, face ID, a pin or a passcode – which makes it far safer than a physical credit card. Although the online world has many advantages, it can be quite concerning when it comes to payments and your own information being transferred to an invisible second party. 

The safety features and the security steps that Apple Pay has made, however, take away those concerns. Not only is the connection secure, but Apple doesn’t monitor your purchases or store details, meaning you are making payments in full confidence.

How Apple Pay Is Changing The Mobile Gaming Industry

Over the years, Apple Pay has been drastically changing the industry, and it is only set to aid mobile gaming further. Over 2021 and 2022 more and more retailers, gaming companies and websites have been integrating Apple Pay, which has actively driven more Apple users to utilise their services. When you consider there are over 1.5 billion Apple users worldwide, that’s a substantial amount for the mobile industry to take advantage of.

The Future Of In-Game Purchases With Apple Pay

The future is digital now, and anything that compromises that will eventually disappear. Especially if it’s tiresome. Think about that moment where you’re online and asked to put all your traditional details into boxes in order to make a purchase. 

You have to include your card number, expiry date, security code, address, billing address. The time it takes to do this is agonising, and what if you’re out and about and don’t have your card? Apple Pay takes advantage of this issue and ensures that issue is never an issue again.


Mobile gaming is all about the ability to play your favourite games anywhere, and Apple Pay has given users a way to do that. Over the years, it’s likely that mobile gaming growth will exceed all expectations, in no small part due to the success, convenience and security of Apple Pay. Mobile gaming is the future, after all, and it looks like it's well provided for!