The world-famous tech giant Apple has crowned League of Legends: Wild Rift the winner of the 2021 Apple Design Award under the Innovation category. The Apple Design Award is an annual event to recognize and celebrate the best innovations in Macintosh and iOS software and hardware. It also awards the best and most creative uses of Apple’s products.

Lol Wild Rift Zed
LoL: Wild Rift is the winner of the 2021 Apple Design Award.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Wins 2021 Apple Design Award For Innovation

Due to the complication of the ongoing pandemic, Apple announced the winners of the 2021's Design Award virtually. The company incorporated the announcement into its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) instead of waiting until the end like last year.

“This year’s Apple Design Award winners have redefined what we’ve come to expect from a great app experience, and we congratulate them on a well-deserved win.", SUSAN PRESCOTT, APPLE’S VICE PRESIDENT OF WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER RELATIONS

Rengar Khazix
The game has made it through numerous games and applications for the title.

Ahead of the WWDC, Apple previewed the finalists who showcased a combination of technical achievement, design, and ingenuity. This evening, Apple announced the winners across six new award categories, including League of Legends: Wild Rift.

2021 Innovative Apple Design Award Finalists

Here are the nominations for the 2021 Innovative Apple Design Award:

  1. 1Password
  2. A Monster’s Expedition
  3. Alba
  4. HoloVista
  5. Me: A Kid’s Diary by Tinybop
  6. Voice Dream Reader
  7. Little Orpheus
  8. Pok Pok Playroom
  9. Poolsuite FM
  10. RakugakiAR
  11. South of the Circle
  12. Wonderbox
  13. Bird Alone
  14. CARROR Weather
  15. Craft
  16. Nova
  17. Sp!ng
  18. Attentat 1942
  19. Be My Eyes
  20. Brief
  21. If Found …
  22. Klima
  23. Beyond a Steel Sky
  24. Genshin Impact
  25. Loóna
  26. Mission to Mars AR
  27. (Not Boring) Weather
  28. Blind Drive
  29. LoL: Wild Rift
  30. Museum Alive
  31. NaadSadhana
  32. Universe

More About The 2021 Innovative Apple Design Award

LoL: Wild Rift made quite an impressive run, crossing 31 other applications to win the 2021 Apple Design Award. Alongside the MOBA game is NaadSadhana, an all-in-one, studio-quality music app. This application that helps musicians of all genres and any expertise perform and publish their music won the Innovation category as well.

Lol Wild Rift Apple
Wild Rift won the award for bringing an experience of a PC game to your phones!

In each category, Apple selected one app and one game as the winner. Speaking of Wild Rift, the companies said:

"League of Legends: Wild Rift takes a complex PC game and delivers its full experience on mobile. The team at Riot Games has reimagined this beloved title from the ground up, giving players total immersion in the League of Legends universe through polished touchscreen controls that have been designed specifically for mobile, and auto-targeting system to help newcomers find their footing, mobile-exclusive camera settings, and much more."

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