We are already two months into 2023, and the calendar with the best eSports tournaments is already shaped. Undoubtedly, this year will be pretty exciting for the fans of eSports with the League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, Apex Legend, and many other tournaments. In addition, many Canada sports betting websites will be offering the opportunity to bet on these events, which is surely not a surprise. The industry of eSports is continuing to grow, and we can only expect it to become bigger and bigger. Today we have prepared for you a list of the best tournaments of eSports that will happen in 2023. 

Csgo Tournament

CS:GO – Blast, Paris Major

From the 8th of May to the 21st of May, a huge event for the fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be happening in Paris. The prize pool is the largest we will probably have had with CS:GO and is $1,25 million. Some of the most popular teams will be joining, and undoubtedly there will be millions of viewers all around the world. What makes this tournament one of the most exciting is the fact that it will be organized by Blast, and we can only expect how great will be the collaboration between BLAST and Valve. 

League of Legends World Championship, South Korea

League of Legends World Championship is about to make a great comeback this year. The event will be happening in South Korea, and we expect many people watching not only there, but also online with the help of streaming services. We still don’t know the dates, but we expect that it will happen in October or November. This is probably the most popular tournament in the world, and thousands of fans are waiting with excitement. 

DOTA 2 International

DOTA 2 International is one of the biggest and most expected tournaments that will be happening this year. The event will be happening in August, and only qualified players who have earned their places will be participating. There will be millions of viewers, both online and offline. The winning team will receive $25 million, and honestly – this may be the biggest prize of all the events this year.

Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup will happen in Copenhagen, Denmark, but we still do not know the exact dates that we should expect. The Cup is one of the biggest tournaments when it comes to eSports, and we can expect millions of people watching online some of the best Fortnite players all around the globe. The competitors that are expected are squads, solo, duo, and even creative ones. The prize pool will get to $4 million, which sounds pretty good for the players. We expect three tournaments to happen this year, and the first one already started this month.

So, these are the biggest tournaments we expect in eSports in 2023, but keep in mind that there will be much more too. The eSports industry has been experiencing crazy growth for the last few years, and in 2022 its value was more than $1,30bn. We expect it to be over $1.87bn in 2025 thanks to streaming options that are available now all around the world, as well as the increment in interest towards online gambling.