Mobile games are video games designed to be played on mobile devices that offer various genres and gameplay experiences. With the incorporation of real currency, monetary games that can be found on app betplay now offer the potential of winning cash. In this article, we'll consider seven of the best of these games.

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Why Are Real Money Games So Popular?

Do you know that thrill you feel when you win coins while playing a game? Now imagine if it's actual currency you're getting. The popularity of real money games can be accrued to several factors with the most prominent being the potential for profit. 

Gambling games offer the allure of turning a small investment into a larger payout. This just adds more sweetness to the fun it already provides. Other reasons responsible for its popularity include:

  • The convenience of playing from your home
  • Availability of different games
  • The challenge it brings 

Where can you find money games?



As a rookie, betplay is one of the best options to get started. This is because it has a simple navigation system and requires no registration. Betplay offers several betting options, some of which include:

  • Sports betting: Betplay provides a wide range of sports such as football, tennis, basketball and more.
  • Poker: Betplay provides multiple forms of poker. You can play video poker, live poker or virtual poker and tournaments against others for real money.
  • Online Casino games: There's a large array of games available including table games, slot machines and live dealer games.

Some of the advantages of the app are:

  • A section that showcases the statistics of all its sports where newbies and pros get the help of specialists to make informed decisions.
  • Availability of variety of games 
  • The welcome bonus of up to 20,000 Colombian pesos on first deposit

If you want to find a more comprehensive review of this app, check it out at It contains a more in-depth evaluation of what the app offers.

Play Market 

Play Market or Google Play Store is where users go to discover, download and update applications and games on their Android devices. To find winning games on Play Market, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play Store app on your Android device
  2. Type the keywords related to your game preference in the search bar at the top of the app's interface. Keywords like "casino games", "sports betting" or "online poker" can be used.
  3. Look for titles from reputable developers and platforms in the results generated.
  4. Click on the icon of apps that spark your interest to view their descriptions and user reviews. 

Apple Store 

Apple Store like Play Store is an app store, but for iOS users. If you're using an iPhone or iPad and you're looking for these games, launch the Apple Store and follow the steps outlined above. However, it's search bar is at the bottom of the interface.

7 best real money mobile games

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Solitaire cash 

Do you remember the classic card game, solitaire? Solitaire cash is just that, but with the opportunity to win real money. Its characteristics include:

  • Similar gameplay with solitaire.
  • In-game currency acquired through gameplay or real money for entering tournaments or purchasing power ups.
  • Leaderboards showcasing top-performing players.
  • Variety of challenges and tournaments where players can compete against others.
  • A user-friendly interface.

Bingo cash 

Bingo cash, a variation of Bingo is similar to traditional bingo where the goal is to complete specific patterns on their cards to win cash prizes. It's attributes are:

  • Players can chat with each other.
  • There's variety in gameplay with different versions of Bingo.
  • It offers substantial prizes and jackpots
  • It's accessible from computer and mobile devices, allowing players to participate from their homes.

Bubble cash 

Bubble cash is the real money game variation of the bubble shooter game. All you just have to do is make those bubbles pop and win money as you do. Its components include:

  • Ability to compete with other players.
  • Multiplayer mode that brings out everyone's skills.
  • Opportunity to collect daily bonuses.
  • Leaderboard displaying top-ranking players.

Pool payday 

Pool payday app is a game that promises you fun accompanied with the guarantee of going home with some cool cash. Its characteristics are:

  • Tutorial section that helps you get started.
  • Real-time tournaments that guarantee prices.
  • The goal is to score more than your opponent .

Blackout bingo 

Blackout bingo or coverall bingo involves marking off every number on your bingo card to achieve a blackout or coverall. The particularities include:

  • It's played at a slower pole compared to traditional bingo.
  • The first player to cover all the numbers on their card calls "Bingo" or "Blackout" to win the game.
  • Its cards have a grid of numbers arranged in a specific pattern.

Cookie cash 

Cookie cash is a match 3 puzzle skill game with real cash prizes. The elements are:

  • Unlimited free games to practice.
  • Global leaderboard showing players ranking.
  • Competition against other players for thrilling prizes.
  • Increasing levels as you gain more skill leading to higher payout.

Spades cash 

In spades cash, a version of the traditional card game spades, players win money by playing spades. It includes the following:

  • Tournaments entered using real money where players compete against each other to win cash prizes.
  • Players work in teams to win tricks and achieve their bid.
  • Winning depends on factors such as number of tricks taken and fulfilling the bid.


These seven selections can help you get started on your gaming journey. Remember never to lose the element of fun even while playing to make money.