Earlier today, Idea Factory International has revealed the release date for their RPG title 'Arc of Alchemist'. According to the announcement, this game will launch on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch on January 30th, 2020. Also, the European market will receive a physical version of the game, along with the digital version.

Along with the announcement, Idea Factory International also release the official Opening video of the game, which you can watch on the video below:

The opening movie trailer also gives us a glimpse at the three characters of the game - Quinn Bravesford, Sharon Valver, and Sandra Waynwright. Quinn is the main protagonist of this game, and also the captain of the expedition team, with the goal of saving the world while keeping her friends alive in the process. Journey with Quinn is Sharon, a researcher with great knowledge, and Sandra, a knight who wields a gigantic shield.

Arc Of Alchemist 1 3 Scaled
The game features an improvement in the Menu's UI, which will help gamers navigating through the characters.

According to the developers, this game will feature an update to the game's interface, which will help with streamlining the gameplay experience. Along with that, the game will feature a total of 7 playable characters, which is a great improvement when comparing with the original Japanese release. All the playable characters can be played at any given time, and you can also set them as the party leader if you want to.

Arc Of Alchemist 3 3 Scaled
A screenshot from the game

Arc of Alchemist is the journey of Quinn Bravesford to explore the Desert of Beginnings - a giant desert with many dangers lurking within - to find the Great Power that has the ability to save the entire humanity.

Arc of Alchemist will come to the West on January 30th, 2020, for PS4 and Nintendo Switch gaming systems.

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