ARK Survival Ascended is available to purchase and download on Steam now. It's making a hit on this game store. Let's check out the system requirements and price of this game as well as how to play this ascended edition here.

I. ARK Ascended: System Requirements

The edition of Survival Ascended - the latest edition of ARK - was released on October 25th, 2023. It's available to purchase on Steam now. But you should check out the minimum system requirements for your device to play this game.

Ark Survival Ascended
Minimum and recommended system requirements for playing ARK Survival Ascended.

In addition, it would be best if your device meets or exceeds the recommended requirements that the game publisher suggests to you.

II. How To Download ARK Ascended

ARK Ascended Edition costs $40.49 US on Steam. Early gamers will get a 10% discount when purchasing this edition at the moment. After adding it to your cart and completing the payment, you can download this game edition. Then, verify the game to enter the stunning world of ARK.

ARK players can play this new edition on the PC platform now. The access to PS5 and XBox Series will be opened later.

Ark Survival Ascended Download
You can download and play this edition on PC earlier than on PS 5 and Xbox platforms.

III. ARK Survival Ascended Overview

ARK Survival Ascended brings you a better gaming experience with higher graphics quality. The game world looks more detailed, vivid, and realistic than in previous editions. Moreover, this edition has many new features and enhancements.

Here are the most noticeable features and updates in the ascended version.

  • Graphics

The graphics quality of ARK Survival Ascended is much better than the Ark: Survival Evolved edition released eight years ago. It's the most noticeable enhancement when you enter the new ARK world of this new edition.

Ark Survival Ascended Graphics
ARK Survival Ascended has much better graphics than previous editions.
  • Photo mode

This new edition also introduced a new photo mode. This awesome addition lets artistic players in ARK view breathtaking landscapes in this new ARK world. They can take stunning photos with tons of control functions, such as depth of field, focal length, and tracking.

  • Cross-platform mods

The addition of cross-platform mods in this edition is also an amazing update. These mods were only available on PC when you play ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK players can add these mods to the game when playing it on PS5 and Xbox platforms.

Survival Ascended
The Survival Ascended edition has many new features to upgrade your UX.
  • Life Improvement

There are many new updates for life in the Jurassic World of ARK's ascended version. These enhancements will improve your gaming experience and make you immense in this virtual world, including:

  • Dynamic water
  • Wild baby dinos
  • New dinosaurs
  • New maps
  • Building mode & construction materials
  • New structures and items
  • New creatures

ARK: Survival Ascended is receiving great attention from the gaming community. There are lots of exciting activities to experience in this game, such as taming animals, hunting, building, and combating.

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