Minecraft Brewing Stand is an essential tool for crafting potions. It would be best to make at least one stand for your farm. Let's check out how to get and use this device in Minecraft.

I. What Is Brewing Stand

The brewing stand is a functional block that helps players craft three bottles of potions at once. You can place it in your kitchen for brewing potions and decorate your in-game house as a furnishing item. This device helps you survive in hardcore modes by providing you with essential supplies for healing and buffs.

Brewing Stand
Brewing Stand is a helpful tool in Minecraft.

II. How To Craft Brewing Stand

It's pretty easy to get a brewing stand in Minecraft. The first step is gathering materials for this device. Check out every ingredient to collect here.

  • Crafting table x1
  • Cobblestone x3
  • Blaze Rod x1

After obtaining enough materials for this device, follow these steps to craft a Minecraft Brewing Stand.

  1. Place the crafting table on the ground;
  2. Put three cobblestones in a row on the middle or bottom row;
  3. Place the Blaze Rod above the middle cobblestone.

The most challenging step in making this device is collecting the Blaze Rod. You should wear decent armor and bring a solid sword to the Nether. Then, defeat the Blaze in Nether Fortresses to get the Blaze Rod.

Minecraft Brewing Stand Recipe
It's easy to craft a brewing stand in Minecraft.

Cobblestone is one of the most popular blocks in Minecraft. You can mine it in villages, strongholds, and dungeons. You can mine more than three blocks to make several brewing stands and place them around your house and farm.

III. How To Use Brewing Stand

Once you obtain the Brewing Stand, you can gather ingredients to brew potions. Firstly, collect the three items below before making potions.

  • Water Bottles for containing potions;
  • Blaze Powder to power the device;
  • Nether Wart turns water in the water bottle into Awkward Potions, which is an essential ingredient to make better potions.
Craft Some Brewing Stands To Use
Craft some brewing stands to use and place them in many corners of your farm for quick access.

Next, you collect essential ingredients for your potions and follow these steps to brew the targeted potions:

  1. Go to the brewing stand.
  2. Place water bottles in the right slot (you can attach three water bottles at once).
  3. Put Nether Wart on the top slot and let it flow into the water to make Awkward Potions.
  4. Add the specific ingredient to the brewing stand to brew the desired potion according to the potion recipes.
Use Brewing Stand
Use Brewing Stand to craft essential and useful potions for survival and buffs.

You can use this tool to brew several types of potions in this game that give your character different effects. Some potions are essential for survival and exploration in Minecraft. For example, the healing potion heals your HP, the night vision potion improves your eyesight at night, and more. Therefore, you should have some brewing stands to help you produce these consumables.

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