In Minecraft, there is a host of different options with all kinds of effects that you can brew.  Among them, potion healing is one of the most useful potions in the game, keeping players safe during combats and world explorations. Using a potion of healing at the time can save your life from dangers. In this article, we will show you how to make a Minecraft Potion of Healing and all the things you can do with it.

Nether Portal
To make a healing potion, you have to build an entire Nether portal to travel to the Nether first.

How to make Minecraft Potion of Healing

To craft a potion of healing, players have to prepare enough 6 ingredients. Then, they need to make an Awkward potion before obtaining the potion of healing level I, and II.

Required materials

  • Blaze Powder
  • Brewing Stand
  • Nether wart
  • Water Bottles
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Melon slices

To get Blaze Powder and Nether Wart, you need to find a Nether Fortress. You can find Blaze Rods by killing blaze enemies. Blade Rods are used to craft Brewing Stand and Blaze Powder.

You need to build a Nether portal 5-block tall and 4-block wide using Obsidian blocks. Light the Nether Portal with Flint and Steel and walk through it to reach the Nether. If you don't have much experience with the Nether, check out some Nether survival tips. Finding a Nether Fortress can be really hard. You know you find it when you see the red/purple hue bricks.

  • Open Crafting Menu. Place 1 Blaze Rod in the middle slot and 3 stone blocks in the 3 bottom slots to make a Brewing Stand.
Brewing Stand Minecraft
Craft a Brewing Stand in Minecraft
  • You can get 2 Blaze Powder for each 12 Blaze Rod in the Crafting Menu.
Blaze Powder
You can get Blaze Powder from Blaze Rod in the Crafting Menu.

To make Water Bottles, you need to find some Sand and smelt them in a furnace to get Glasses. You can craft 3 Glass Bottles from 3 Glasses. Arrange three pieces of glass in a “v” shape in a crafting menu to make Glass Bottles. Fill your Glass Bottle with water by holding it in your hand and right-click any water source.

Glass Bottle Recipe
Craft a bottle by arranging three pieces of glass in a “v” shape in a crafting menu.

As for Gold Nuggets and Melon Slices, you are going to use them to make Glistering Melons.

  • You can find Gold in chests while adventuring. Smelt your Gold in a furnace to get a Gold Ingot. Place your Gold Ingot in a crafting menu to turn it into Gold Nuggets. Each Gold Ingot can make 8 Gold Nuggets.
Gold Nuggets Minecraft
Craft Gold Nuggets in Minecraft from Gold Ingot
  • You can find Melon easily in savannah villages with farms. Break a Melon with your hand to get Melon Slices. In the crafting menu, put 1 Melon Slice in the middle slot and surround it with 8 Gold Nuggets to make one Glistering Melon.
Glistering Melon Minecraft
Craft Glistering Melon in Minecraft

Steps to make Minecraft Potion of Healing

After you have gathered all the items above, follow the step below to create a Minecraft Potion of Healing:

  • You first need to make an Awkward Potion as the base for the potion of healing first. Place 3 Water Bottles on the bottom 3 slots and Nether Wart on the top slot.
Make Awkward Potion Minecraft
Make Awkward Potion in Minecraft
  • Now you have Awkward Potions at the base of the brew stand. Leave the Awkward Potions there and add Glistering Melon to the top slot.
Make Healing Potion Minecraft 1
Make Healing Potion in Minecraft
  • After the process is done, you will have three Potions of Healing I.
  • To make a Potion of Healing II, keep a Potion of Healing I there and put Glow Dust Glowstone Dust on the top slot.
Make Potion Healing Ii
Add Glowing Dust to make a Potion of Healing II

Check out the video below for more details.

Potion of Healing variants and effects

Potion of Healing I heals 4 HP and Potion of Healing II heals 8 HP instantly when used. They deal damage to undead mobs instead of healing them. There are 2 variants of Potion of Healing in Minecraft, Splash Potion of Healing, Lingering Potion of Healing.

Splash Potion of Healing

You can make a Splash version of Potion of Healing. The Splash version can be thrown to have the same effect as Potion of Healing. Splash Potion of Healing I deals 6 damage and Splash Potion of Healing II deals 12 damage to Undead.

You can brew Splash Potion of Healing using Potion of Healing and Gunpowder.

Make Splash Potion Healing
Make Splash Potion Healing in Minecraft

Lingering Potion of Healing

Lingering potions are variants of splash potions that can be thrown to leave clouds with status effects that linger on the ground in an area. The initial heal is less than Potion of Healing but the overall heal is much more.

Lingering Potion of Healing I heals 2 HP/s (10 HP total) while deals 3 HP/s (15 HP total) to Undead. Lingering Potion of Healing II heals 4 HP/s (20 HP total) whiles deals 6 HP/s (30 HP total) to Undead.

You can brew Lingering Potion of Healing using Splash Potion of Healing and Dragon Breath.

Make Lingering Potion Healing
Make Lingering Potion Healing in Minecraft

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