The Nether is one of the most dangerous areas in Minecraft. It is filled with all types of exclusive mobs that can't be found in the Overworld such as blazes, wither skeletons, ghasts, piglin brutes... and more. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best tips and tricks to survive the nether in Minecraft.

1 - Always be well prepared

Being well-equipped is essential for survival in the Nether. You need to bring enough items to deal with various situations that might arise. However, bringing more than what you need is also pretty bad. It can result in having no slot to carry the loot from the nether. Furthermore, the more items you bring, the more you would lose if you die.

Minecraft Nether Update
The nether is super dangerous and challenging.

Below is a list of the most essential items you will need, outside of the usual pickaxes and swords.

  • A bow or crossbow, along with at least 64 arrows (or Infinity) to deal with ghasts and blazes.
  • One piece of Golden armor to prevent piglins from attacking you.
  • A flint and steel to reignite the portal if it gets destroyed.
  • 10-14 obsidian, just in case you get lost and lose your portal home.
  • Armors with Protection and Fire Protection, which are the most useful enchantments in the Nether.
  • Craft an anchor to respawn in the Nether.

2 - Bring food with high saturation

Food is even more important in the Nether, as there is hardly any food to be found there. If you run out of food, you lose your ability to sprint, and, more importantly, regenerate health. This is very inconvenient and can cut your journey short.

To deal with this issue, just bring stacks of high saturation foods like steak and porkchops. Alternatively, you can also use bread, mutton and cooked salmon.

3 - Bring torches to mark the way

It is very easy to get lost in the Nether, as compasses do not work here. Because of that, bringing a stack of torches around to mark the way is recommended. Furthermore, the same torches can be used to mark places you have explored, which can reduce later backtracking.

You need to mark the way to avoid getting lost and survive the Nether.

4 - Protect the portal

The first thing to do as soon as the player steps into the Nether for the first time is to build a shelter around the portal. Cobblestones are the cheapest for this purpose. Take the quickest possible look around to see what kinds of dangers there are in the vicinity, then build a wall against it.

You need at least two stacks of cobblestone for the walls and ceiling, and the floor and other trimmings may well cost another stack. Luckily, you are right next to the portal and can go back to the Overworld for cobblestones if needed. You can also learn how to make a cobblestone generator with ice and lava to get this material quickly in large number.

5 - Fend off Ghasts

Ghasts are one of the hardest and most annoying mobs that you need to fight to survive the Nether. They can float and shoot fireballs from long range, which deals damage to players and structures alike. Below are the main methods of dealing with ghasts in the Nether:

  • Sniping from afar with a bow or crossbow.
  • Bounce their fireballs back by hitting them (even barehand would works).
  • Build a wall to counter their attacks. Run if there are multiple ghasts aiming at you.
Ghast in Minecraft

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