One of the best parts of playing Minecraft is collecting rare items. Due to the game's open-world nature, there are things that normal players could never stumble upon unless they actively go out of their way to do it. In this article, we are going to list the rarest drop items in Minecraft.

1. Dragon Egg

This is probably the only unique item in Minecraft, as there is only one of them per game (2 in bedrock). Once you have killed the dragon, its egg will appear on top of the exit portal. It is pretty tricky to mine the dragon egg, as it teleports within a 31×15×31 area when you do.

Minecraft Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg is one of the rarest drop items in Minecraft.

The Dragon Egg is a purely decorative item though many people are using mods to hatch a Dragon egg to resurrect the Ender Dragon.

To get an egg after killing a dragon, just place some TNT and blow it up, as the block drops an item when destroyed by an explosion. Alternatively, you can try pushing it with a piston or fill the 31×15×31 area so that the egg can't teleport.

2. Nether Star/Beacon

The Nether Star drops after you defeat a Wither, the most powerful boss in the game. However, as a Wither can be summoned at any time with three wither skulls and a few blocks, acquiring more than one of them is actually pretty easy.

It can be used to craft beacons, which is a powerful buff item that provides useful status effects.

Beacons are created from Netherstar - this is why they share the same slot.

3. Chainmail armor

Despite there being chain items, chainmail armor cannot be crafted. The only way to obtain them is via random drop from certain mobs, trading with villagers or opening chests. The armor itself is nothing special - it is stronger than golden armor but weaker than iron armor.

Chainmail Armor Ingame
Chainmail armor in Minecraft

4. Mob heads

Mob heads are decorative blocks. There are 5 types of wearable mob heads: zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, creeper, and dragon. These heads (except dragon) have a very small chance to drop when players kill a mob of the same type. You can increase that chance with looting enchantment.

mob heads
All 4 mob heads in Minecraft.

When worn, creeper, zombie and skeleton heads reduce the detection rate of the player by the matching mob by 50%. Dragon heads generate on end ships found in end cities. Mobs (except dragons) always drop their head when killed by a charged creeper's explosion - you can use that to cut down the farming process.

5. Music Discs

Players can discover up to 12 unique music discs in Minecraft. 2 of them spawn from chests, but the other 10 only drops when you trick a skeleton into killing a creeper with its arrow. This is a pretty frustrating thing to do... and you have to repeat that process 10 times. The discs can be played using a jukebox.

Music Disc In Minecraft
The 12 unique Music Discs are the rarest drop items in Minecraft to farm.

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