Minecraft survival mode has a lot of fun, unexpected things that one can discover and play with. For example, you can summon lightning at will to destroy mobs and other players. It is fun to do it and it is quite a sight when you make multiple lightning strikes, setting everything on fire.

In this article, we will tell you how to summon lightning in Minecraft in different ways and all the things you can do with it.

How to summon lightning in Minecraft

There are 2 ways to summon lightning in Minecraft, through cheat command or through Trident with the Channeling enchantment.

Cheat Minecraft
You need to enable Cheats in the World Settings to use the command.

Cheat command to summon lightning in Minecraft

First, you must enable cheat in the settings or play in the creative mode to use cheat commands.

To summon lightning through cheat command, you just need to type '/summon lightning_bolt'. If you want to summon lightning on a specific location, you need to add coordinates to the command. For example, '/summon lightning_bolt 320 75 -33'. Now you know how to summon lightning in Minecraft using cheat commands.

Trident with Channeling enchantment

You can also summon light in Minecraft using a Trident with Channeling enchantment. When you throw the Trident at a mob when there is currently a thunderstorm occurring, a lightning bolt will be summoned on the mob. The mob must be in an area with an open sky for the lightning bolt to hit.

You throw a Trident with Channeling enchantment on a lightning rod to summon lightning without any mob.

Trident Lighting Minecraft
How to summon lightning in Minecraft with a Trident.

In Java Edition, Channeling doesn't work on mobs that are in Water, Lava, Cobweb, Soul sand, honey block, Snow, a Minecart, a Boat. However, note that mobs in these situations can still be struck by a summoned lightming nearby. A lightning strike will deal 5 damage to players. Players/ mob hit by lightning will be set on fire, which won't last long because of the rain.

This enchantment can turn creepers into charged creepers, villagers into witches, pigs into zombified piglins, and mooshrooms into their opposite color. In the later section, we will introduce how to get Channeling, one of the best enchantments on Trident for your reference.

How to summon multiple lightning bolts in Minecraft

If you want to strike all entities (including you) with lightning, type '/execute @e ~ ~ ~ /summon lightning_bolt'. To exclude yourself, use this command :'/execute @e[type=!player] ~ ~ ~ /summon lightning_bolt'.

You can summon multiple lightning in Minecraft using command blocks. For example, if you want to summon 4 lightning bolts at the same time, set up 4 command blocks with the cheat command '/summon lightning_bolt [cordinates]' and then use a Red Stone block to active all of them at the same time.

How to summon lightning in Minecraft on a player

Throwing a Trident with Channeling enchantment on a player during a thunderstorm will summon lightning on them.

You can also summon lightning on a player in Minecraft using cheat commands. Use this command to summon a lightning bolt at the location of a specific player: /execute (player name) ~0 ~0 ~0 /summon lightning_bolt @p.

How to get a Trident and Channeling enchantment

Trident is a very powerful weapon in Minecraft. You cannot craft it. The only way to get a Trident in Minecraft is by killing drowned holding a Trident. There is a 0.53% chance that a drowned holding Trident will drop a Trident. Using a Looting III enchantment will increase the drop chance.

Trident Minecraft
Trident is a very rare but also very powerful weapon in Minecraft.

You can find drowned in river or ocean biomes. These rare mobs can be found more often in dark areas of oceans. Note that only 6.25% drowned (15% on Bedrock) will spawn with a Trident. Players might have to kill a lot of drowned just to find 1 Trident. After all, it is one of the strongest weapons in Minecraft.

There is a Trident farm you can use to get Trident faster and easier. You can check out a Trident farm in the video below made by YouTuber Shulkecraft.

Next, you need to put a Channeling enchantment on your Trident. You can find Channeling enchantment from enchantment tables, raid drops, books obtained by fishing, minecart chests, dungeon chests, librarian villagers, and from chests found in Overworld non-village structures. There is no guaranteed way that will get you a Channeling enchantment in Minecraft so you just have to try everything and get it randomly.

If you want, you can use this cheat command to get the Channeling enchantment: '/enchant channeling 1'. This command will give the item you are holding the Channeling enchantment.

Channling Trident Minecraft
Add Channeling enchantment to your Trident using Avil.

While not necessary, you might want to have a Loyalty enchantment on your Trident so it will return to you automatically after being thrown.

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