Building makes up a big part of the Minecraft experience. You will find yourself constructing a lot of things in the game, from the automatic farms to your extended base. But building structures is one thing, decorating what you build is another story.

Speaking of decorating, what's the better way to furnish a house than with some elegant paintings in Minecraft? Paintings come in all different shapes and sizes that fit every space of your home in the game. Here's what you may want to know about these ornaments.

How To Make Paintings In Minecraft

Paintings are craftable items. To make one painting, you will need eight sticks and one wool, pretty basic materials.

Sticks can be obtained from crafting using planks or collect from decayed leave blocks. Wool drops when you kill a sheep or simply use a shear to get more.

After gathering the ingredients, simply place the eight sticks on the edges of the crafting grid. Then place one wool in the center, as shown in the recipe above. It's relatively cheap to create this decorative item.

Paintings Minecraft Recipe
You need 8 sticks and 1 wool block to craft one painting in Minecraft.

How To Use Paintings In Minecraft

Paintings have different sizes that change accordingly to the available space of where you decide to hang them. The available sizes of paintings in Minecraft are 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x2, 4x3, and 4x4.

For example, when you place a painting on a single block, it will be a 1x1 painting. You can determine the size of the painting by controlling the space around it.

Minecraft Painting Guide
Paintings will automatically change their sizes according to the available space.

Another important thing to note is that you cannot control the design of the painting. It's random. Keep on breaking and placing the painting until you get a picture that you like.

Last but not least, paintings in Minecraft can be used to create hidden doors in the game. It's a great place to store your stash or backup equipment. This can be done by putting up signs on the sides of the entrance and then sneakily placing paintings on top of them.

Note: A painting will always require the same amount of materials, no matter what its size is. 

Secret Door
Using paintings and signs to create a secret entrance is one of the oldest tricks in the game.

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