When it comes to video games about pirates, there are two major names out there. The first one is Sea of Thieves, as it has gained a huge player pool on any platform. The second one - ATLAS, is a completely different story. Released later than Sea of Thieves, it is the target of many comparisons, most of which end up negatively for ATLAS.

However, it doesn't stop the developer Grapeshot Games to bring the game to new platforms. Following Sea of Thieves, ATLAS has brought the pirate actions for Xbox One. Below is the trailer to celebrate this event. If you haven't heard of this game, have a look to find out what's good about it:


ATLAS is an open-world adventure game with pirate concepts, which comes from the hand of Grapeshot Games - the developer of ARK: Survival Evolved. Considering how good is the adventure in the ARK is, gamers expect a lot from this new game. To be more specific, it will give you the ultimate pirate experience: from building your ship to wage war against enemies.

Atlas Sets Sail To Xbox One Supports Cross Play Wi
ATLAS is the new game from the creator of ARK: Survival Evolved

In this MMORPG, you'll become the true pirate captain, and take the responsibility of your crew over your shoulder. First of all, you can make your pirate ship in your dream comes true, using the materials you collected. Building its piece by piece, you can personalize your fleet to make it outstanding: raise your own flags, give it a name, and decide where to put your weapons and treasures.

Atlas Sets Sail To Xbox One Supports Cross Play Wi
Build your dream ship from scratch

With your own fleet, you are ready to become the king of the sea. Set on a voyage to discover this massive world with a lot of resources, creatures, and secrets. With 700 individual landmasses, your adventure in this game is endless. Hence, you'll need your crew by your sides, who you can recruit other players or NPCs for.

Last but not least, you can enjoy the vast world of ATLAS as you want to. To be more specific, if you don't have a competitive spirit, you and your crew can choose to go PvE in a different server. If you opt for this experience, ATLAS will turn into an action-adventure game, where you can freely enjoy your pirate life without worrying about other players raid your fleet.

Atlas Sets Sail To Xbox One Supports Cross Play Wi
Form the world of ATLAS with your own hands in the PvE mode

However, if you're very keen on competing and become the legendary pirate, go for more "cutthroat" adventure on the PvP server. Your objectives change from just adventuring to both adventuring and surviving against thousands of other pirates.

Atlas Sets Sail To Xbox One Supports Cross Play Wi
Fight against other pirates to become the greatest legend!

Coming for Xbox One

As the game is still in Early Access on Steam, this ATLAS Xbox One version will also lie in Xbox Game Preview. This version will have every feature from the PC version, and pirates can fight with other players playing ATLAS on PC as well.

Atlas Sets Sail To Xbox One Supports Cross Play Wi
ATLAS is coming for Xbox One, supports cross-play

Furthermore, it's will feature full mouse and keyboard support, which you can enjoy your best conquering experience if you're not familiar with playing with Xbox One controllers.

Have you tried ATLAS on PC?