A common thread among role-playing games is the allocation of party roles to characters. For instance, the Paladin or Fighter often assumes the role of a defender, while spellcasters and rogues focus on inflicting damage. Classes like Druids, Clerics, and Bards frequently undertake healing responsibilities.

Baldur's Gate 3, a computer role-playing game (CRPG) that follows Dungeons & Dragons rules, adheres to a similar party structure concept. However, it offers players a wide array of choices. Notably, healing spells and abilities are not restricted solely to healing classes. Additionally, hybrid classes such as Paladins have the potential to fulfill multiple roles. Healing spells are predominantly associated with the Evocation school, although they can also be found in the Abjuration and Conjuration categories. Regardless of the chosen class, these are the healing spells that are advisable to possess.

Cure Wounds

An enduring spell with a rich heritage within both the BG series and the broader realm of Dungeons & Dragons, Cure Wounds stands as a Level 1 curative spell accessible to Druids, Clerics, and Paladins, irrespective of their primary specialization. This spell is also included in the repertoire of supportive classes like Rangers and Bards.

Cure Wounds Healing Spell Bg3
Cure Wounds

When cast, the spell replenishes the target's hit points by rolling 1d8 and adding the spellcasting modifier. Notably, it does not have any effect on undead beings or constructs such as golems, entities devoid of hit points.


While not a direct curative incantation, this spell has the potential to summon sustenance that players can utilize for recuperation purposes. Ingesting a Goodberry, conjured through this spell, revitalizes an individual by 1d4 hit points. Its application extends to all classes, whether engaged in combat or not.

Goodberry Druid Healing Spell Bg3
Goodberry Druid Healing Spell

Restricted to Druids and Rangers exclusively, this spell can be harnessed from the outset at Level 1. It empowers them to invoke it upon themselves or their comrades, resulting in the appearance of the berries within their inventory. These provisions persist until the character undergoes their subsequent prolonged rest.


Maximizing the distribution of curative abilities is advantageous, particularly if the primary healer is absent or rendered incapable. Aid constitutes a Level 3 Abjuration spell, accessible to spellcasters of any class. Moreover, it can be acquired via an enchanted trinket, a specific equipment item, or even jewelry.

Aid Abjuration Spell Bg3
Aid Abjuration Spell

While the caster applies this spell to themselves, its impact envelops all allies within a radius of 9 meters. This action results in a restoration of a small number of hit points, contingent upon the caster's level, and simultaneously augments the maximum hit point capacity of each affected character.

Healing Radiance

The name itself bears the resonance of a spell associated with Paladins, and that's precisely what it is. Healing Radiance represents a healing-over-time (HoT) capability that possesses the capacity to heal multiple targets. This potent spell is exclusively accessible to Paladins who have pledged allegiance to the Oath of the Ancients, constituting one of the scarce mass-healing spells present within Baldur's Gate 3.

Healing Radiance Healing Spell Bg3
Healing Radiance Healing Spell

Healing Radiance operates by reinstating 5 hit points to all individuals within the visual radius of the caster, followed by an additional 5 hit points during their ensuing turn. The spell is unrestricted in its usage timeframe, enabling its deployment both during combat scenarios, where it could reverse the tide of a closely contested battle, and during moments of preparation for a wilderness ambush by bolstering the party's vitality.

Healing Word

This particular spell is a staple among Clerics of all Domains, regardless of whether their specialization revolves around healing. Bards and Druids also hold the capability to employ this fundamental curative incantation. Available from Level 1, it serves as a valuable asset for both the primary party healer and those in supportive roles.

Healing Word Healing Spell Bg3
Healing Word

Healing Word functions as a single-target spell, offering the caster the flexibility to administer it to themselves or any entity positioned within an 18-meter radius. The spell's effect involves replenishing 1d4 hit points, excluding cases where the target is an undead being or a magical construct.

Lay On Hands

The outcomes of this Paladin spell differ based on the particular iteration of the game being experienced. In Baldur's Gate 3, Lay On Hands not only serves to replenish hit points but also holds a vital role in eliminating any instances of poison or disease affecting the recipient.

Lay On Hands Paladin Healing Spell Bg3
Lay On Hands Paladin Healing Spell

Its application is relevant both within and outside of combat scenarios, rendering it equally proficient at countering the effects of tainted fruit or aged fungi as it is at mitigating the impacts of spells or poisonous conditions. Furthermore, as the Paladin attains higher levels, this spell exhibits an increased restorative potential in terms of hit points.

Prayer Of Healing

An expansive curative incantation exclusive to Clerics, the Prayer of Healing spell revitalizes each individual within the caster's visual vicinity by mending 2d8 hit points. Its utilization is restricted to non-combat scenarios, emphasizing its role in post-battle recovery, particularly when anticipating subsequent conflicts.

Prayer Of Healing
Prayer Of Healing

Upon attaining Level 3 or beyond, the spellcaster gains the ability to extend its healing influence to an extra target, with the amount of healing being 1d8 for each spell slot level surpassing Level 2. This potency remains noteworthy even if the healer possesses merely two or three additional spell slots.

Second Wind

Even roles primarily focused on dealing physical harm require a measure of healing proficiency, and Second Wind is the skill bestowed upon Fighters starting from Level 1. This class boasts considerable endurance, allowing them to harness this ability as a supplementary action to tap into their stamina reserves for self-healing, amounting to 1d10 plus their Fighter level.

Second Wind Fighter Ability Bg3
Second Wind Fighter Ability

Employing this skill consumes an Action, but Fighters can strategically employ the Action Surge Ability to secure an additional action within a turn, facilitating swift self-healing during combat situations. This feature becomes particularly advantageous when the primary healer is incapacitated, unavailable, or obstructed from view.

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