If players provide assistance to the tieflings and deep gnomes in Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3, they will have a chance to aid them once again during Act 2. Some members from both groups have become imprisoned beneath Moonrise Towers, and the party can take the opportunity to liberate them.

However, this escape mission is far from straightforward. The prison level is under constant guard patrol, and surveillance is extensive. In Baldur's Gate 3, players can help the tieflings and deep gnomes in successfully freeing them from their confinement without blowing their cover, but they must employ strategic thinking and carefully choose when and where to engage in conflicts.

Baldurs Gate 3 Moonrise Prisoners

Get Wulbren's Hammer

When players attempt to communicate with either set of captives, a guard will intervene. By succeeding in a Deception or Persuasion check with a difficulty class (DC) of 14, players can deceive the guards into allowing unrestricted conversation with Lia in the tiefling enclosure or Wulbren Bongle, the leader of the deep gnomes. Wulbren will be in the area regardless of how players progressed through Act 1. On the other hand, the tieflings will only be there if they survived Act 1, and their disposition will be amicable only if players provided assistance.

Baldurs Gate 3 Moonrise Prisoners Hammer

Initially skeptical of the party, Wulbren's doubts can be alleviated by passing various skill checks or by referencing the deep gnomes that players aided during Act 1. Wulbren will express his need for a specific item like his hammer (or an equally useful item, such as a warhammer) to facilitate their prison break. In case the tieflings are present, he's open to collaborating on their escape too.

When players engage with the warden situated in the central tower, she will indicate that she stores the prisoners' belongings on the floor immediately above. Nonetheless, access to this area is prohibited, and the warden and guards will react negatively if the party directly ascends the ladder. Instead, players ought to guide their party to leap onto the external wooden platforms of the tower. These platforms serve as a pathway to the equipment storage area, and even if the guards catch sight of the party leaping around, they remain unconcerned.

An autonomous scrying orb undertakes patrols on the equipment floor, but it operates alone. Players can handle it by transitioning into turn-based mode and employing a ranged weapon or spell to strike it once or twice. Several chests contain valuable equipment, and Wulbren's hammer is positioned on the table by the railing.

Upon the players' successful return of Wulbren's hammer, he will inquire when to proceed. Players should capitalize on this moment, as when he shatters the rear wall of his cell, an immediate combat situation will erupt. All prison guards will surge in to engage the deep gnomes, tieflings, and the party. The warden will unlatch all the cell doors, granting the guards unrestricted access, with the tieflings being particularly vulnerable targets.

To avert this scenario, players should enter the warden's chamber, secure the door, and stage a surprise attack. At some juncture, a scrying eye will enter the room, necessitating its destruction before it can summon reinforcements. At this stage, merely two guards and one scrying orb will remain within the cell blocks. By ambushing them (ensuring the scrying orb is eliminated first), any chance of witnessing the gnomes' prison escape can be preemptively halted. This approach guarantees the safe getaway of both tieflings and gnomes, while maintaining the party's trust with the Absolutists.

Flip the Warden's Lever

Instead of returning Wulbren's hammer, players have the option to operate the master lever in the warden's office, which will trigger the opening of all cell doors. Nevertheless, pursuing this course of action carries significant risks. Firstly, engaging with the lever constitutes an unlawful act, and the consequences could be dire if the party is apprehended. Secondly, while the rear walls of the cells lead to a concealed boat that the gnomes and tieflings can utilize for escape, the cell doors connect to the remainder of the prison complex, including its complement of guards.

Baldurs Gate 3 Moonrise Prisoners Levers

Despite these dangers, this method remains the most efficient for players who hold outright hostility towards the Absolutists. If the party has managed to eliminate the guards during their approach, then the path will be unobstructed for the prisoners to exit using the nearby docks. Employing this strategy negates the necessity of earning Wulbren's trust, as the party's actions already establish their allegiance.

Go In from Behind

Towards one end of the prison area, there exists a mound of pale stones, and positioned above it is a ledge reachable by a physically strong character through jumping. Alternatively, jump-enhancing spells and potions can be employed for the same purpose. This elevated platform leads to the interconnected cavern network that the gnomes and tieflings can enter by shattering the back walls of their cells. While these walls are sturdy, players possess the capability to breach them akin to how Wulbren does.

Baldurs Gate 3 Moonrise Prisoners Ledge

Nonetheless, it's crucial to note that breaking these walls generates a considerable amount of noise, which promptly attracts the guards' attention. In response, the guards will promptly unlatch the cell doors, setting off an assault on the escaping prisoners. To ensure a fair escape window for both the tieflings and the gnomes, players can opt to simultaneously breach both walls. However, this maneuver will leave at least two party members situated behind the prisoners rather than positioned between them and the guards.

It's important to understand that this scenario unfolds only if the guards become aware of the wall breakage. Players can obscure the cell walls from view by utilizing Darkness and Silence spells, thereby complicating the guards' ability to discern the situation. While the guards might still become suspicious or perturbed by the casting of such spells, they can provide the necessary head start for the prisoners to flee. Nevertheless, conducting a systematic ambush of the guards, one at a time, stands as perhaps the most straightforward approach to orchestrating the escape of all the inmates within Moonrise Towers.

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