Modifications, commonly known as mods, have been present in the realm of PC gaming from its initial stages. However, it's only in the last decade or so that they have become easily accessible to the average player. In contemporary times, a majority of mods can be effortlessly installed with just a few clicks and minimal technical knowledge. Many game developers have embraced this practice and actively support modders in enhancing and elevating their games.

Since entering early access in late 2020, Baldur's Gate 3 has accumulated a substantial collection of mods. While some provide minor enhancements to the game's convenience or make slight adjustments to its visuals and performance, the most exceptional Baldur's Gate 3 mods have the capacity to entirely revolutionize the player's gaming experience.

Full Release Mod Fixer

Describing Mharius' Full Release Mod Fixer mod as one of the top-notch mods for Baldur's Gate 3 would be an understatement. It holds a more critical role as an indispensable modification, as it's essentially necessary to enable numerous other well-received mods within the game to function as their creators originally designed.

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Full Release Mod Fixer

This significance arises from the fact that a considerable portion of the finest Baldur's Gate 3 mods were crafted during the game's early access phase, and their functionality was compromised upon the game's official release. The Full Release Mod Fixer effectively tackles this issue, enabling players to utilize a range of older BG3 mods that are no longer being actively supported by their creators.

AI Control Party While in Combat

For newcomers to the RPG genre, the idea of managing a party could appear somewhat daunting. This sentiment arises from the fact that numerous AAA games nowadays predominantly center around a solitary playable character, leading to a lack of experience in handling a group of characters for many players. Fortunately, there exists a solution in the form of mods tailored for Baldur's Gate 3.

Among these mods, oilnarak01's AI Control Party While in Combat - Animal Archetype Edition stands out as a notable example. It equips players with a unique spell designed to engage AI control over party members during combat situations. Although players might still need to monitor health indicators and similar aspects, this essential mod enables them to redirect more of their focus toward their own character, thus aiding in grasping the game's intricate combat mechanics.

Highlight Everything

Baldur's Gate 3 boasts impressive visuals, yet the isometric camera perspective occasionally poses challenges in identifying specific items or discerning interactable ones. Players have the option to illuminate objects by pressing and holding the left alt key; however, this functionality is limited to certain objects, leading to frustration in specific scenarios.

Addressing this concern, shalzuth's Highlight Everything mod rectifies the situation by ensuring that every single interactable item is highlighted upon holding down the left alt key, expanding beyond the default selection. This enhancement significantly simplifies the process of locating elusive objects, thus solidifying its place as one of the finest mods for enhancing the BG3 experience.

Fast XP

As individuals age, it's not an uncommon occurrence for them to discover that they possess significantly reduced leisure time available for gaming. Even those who manage to allocate time might identify more valuable ways to utilize it than engaging in extensive XP grinding within Baldur's Gate 3. This scenario gives rise to a demand for a mod like the one crafted by the prolific modder Malcroix.

Bg3 Mods Customisation
Fast XP

The Fast XP mod precisely fulfills its stated purpose; effectively enabling players to augment their earned XP by twofold during gameplay. This mod offers players the option to expedite their progress to level 6 or to diminish the XP requisites for each level by half. As a result, players can effectively accelerate their journey to the level cap, completing it twice as swiftly as the standard pace.

Achievement Enabler

Similar to numerous other games, Baldur's Gate 3 includes a mechanism that deactivates achievements when mods are employed. Naturally, a significant number of players have endeavored to find methods to circumvent this system. Modder DK has presented a straightforward yet effective resolution, even though it resides within an ethically ambiguous realm.

Achievements are designed to precisely signify a minor reward for accomplishing noteworthy feats within the game. Consequently, there might be individuals who perceive the utilization of the Achievement Enabler mod as a form of cheating. However, considering that unlocking an achievement doesn't confer any form of in-game advantage, those who opt for its use could be argued to be primarily deceiving themselves.

Carry Weight Increased

Undoubtedly, encumbrance contributes to enhancing realism, but considering that this fantasy game encompasses elves, orcs, and dwarves, it's reasonable to assume that not all players prioritize absolute realism. For those less inclined towards it, encumbrance can prove to be exceptionally vexing, especially for individuals who derive enjoyment from thoroughly looting their surroundings.

Baldurs Gate 3
Carry Weight Increased

Certainly, strategies exist to handle encumbrance, such as rotating characters with other party members once they reach their carrying threshold. Nevertheless, why resort to such methods when mods are available? Mharius' Carry Weight Increased mod embodies the aspirations of collectors, granting players the freedom to elevate their carrying capacity by as little or as much as they deem necessary.

Tav's Hair Salon

For those who remain unsatisfied with the array of customization choices available, the Tav's Hair Salon mod developed by Toarie offers a suitable solution. This mod introduces a collection of fresh hairstyles, predominantly catering to the Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Drow, and Tiefling races, accompanied by a handful of additional options.

Much like several other remarkable character mods designed for Baldur's Gate 3, players will need to install a couple of supplementary mods to ensure the functionality of Tav's Hair Salon. This entails the inclusion of ImprovedUI ReleaseReady and the Patch 3 Mod Fixer. However, individuals possessing even a modest level of modding experience should encounter minimal difficulty in this process.

Customizer's Compendium

Baldur's Gate 3 furnishes players with an extensive array of choices to finely tailor their characters' visual aspects. Yet, a subset of players might still desire further enhancements. AlanaSP appeared to be part of this group and proactively addressed the situation by crafting one of the most outstanding mods for customization within BG3.

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Customizer's Compendium

The creation, titled Customizer's Compendium, introduces a plethora of fresh selections within the character creation interface, a substantial portion of which was previously exclusive to non-playable characters. Since these choices are inherently integrated into the game's comprehensive version, installing the mod is a straightforward process. Consequently, the additional customization options seamlessly meld with the existing repertoire, resulting in a harmonious blend.

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