A midnight ride is always very relaxing and soothing, as you can finally relieve after a long day. It feels like your world shrink to the size of the car, while the rest out there is nothing related to you anymore.

Bird of Passage will give you exactly this experience, and pack more story and talks into this atmosphere. Maybe after playing this game, you might feel that expressing your feeling with a stranger is not that bad!

Below is short gameplay footages of the game, which you can plug your earphones in and feel the tranquil atmosphere:

Overview of Bird of Passage

Basically, Bird of Passage is a visual novel game, in which you'll walk through the whole game's story choosing interactive dialogues. The concept of this game is quite simple: you'll play as an unnamed passenger wandering under the night raining sky of Tokyo by taxi. In fact, I wouldn't have known that I'm in Tokyo if the conversations didn't reveal it.

Bird Of Passage Is The Free Calming Ride In The Ni
Now you know that Bird of Passage takes the settings of Tokyo

And not only your name is unknown, as your story and identity remain hidden as well. You're lost with your life now, and your task is to figure out his problems and at the same time, listening to the story of the taxi drivers you encounter. I'm surprised that no one ever ask you about your giant eyes that a human being shouldn't have.

Bird Of Passage Is The Free Calming Ride In The Ni
Here's your main character

Since there are many kinds of people out there, the same goes for the drivers in this game. To be more specific, some are very open and happy as you make conversation with them, while many others just prefer staying silence throughout the journey. And with different taxi drivers, you'll have to choose a different approach to make them open up their story.

Opting from a set of dialogue options, the game will lead you through various kinds of topics you can discuss with a stranger. Each choice will lead to a different outcome, and some of them will have you end up kicked out of the car. Having an argument with the driver will end your journey sooner than you've expected.

Bird Of Passage Is The Free Calming Ride In The Ni
If you don't consider your words, you'll get kicked out

On the other hand, if you choose the right approach, the story of you - a mysterious passenger will unveil. Learn about your past that even you can make clear is something you wish you can do in real life, and with Bird of Passage, it's not that hard either.  And be sure to look closely at the game's dialogue and environmental change, as everything could be used to focus on this topic.

Bird Of Passage Is The Free Calming Ride In The Ni
The environment around you will give you a hint about which topic you should focus on

Last but not least, your mediating experience in this game will be even better with the sparkling road lights, as well as the sounds in the background. They are not only light and calming music but also smaller details, such as the sound of rain and winds as well.

Bird Of Passage Is The Free Calming Ride In The Ni
Rain, wind, sparking light, it's perfect for a midnight game!

Available now on Itch.io

Combining all those features together, Bird of Passage is a perfect game to play in the 3 am dark if you can't get to sleep.

Bird Of Passage Is The Free Calming Ride In The Ni
The game is available now on Itch.io

You can grab the demo the game on Itch.io now for free, and if you love this game, don't forget to show the developer some supports, both by money and comments. You'll have to wait until 2020 for the full game to air, but the demo will be enough for some of your long nights.

Do you find this game relaxing?