After a long day’s work, most people look forward to getting back home and relax with their own hobbies. Those hobbies can be music, books, TV or video games. In the case of video games, while playing a focus-intensive game can be interesting, sometimes people just want to chill out and enjoy something less competitive.

On the list below we will be listing out some of the best game to chill out and forget about all the troubles in real life.


Amy, a corporate investigator

Available on: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Tacoma is a “walking sim” that has similar gameplay to Fullbright’s previous game, Gone Home. Player will step into the shoes of Amy, a corporate agent in the year 2088, who was tasked with infiltrating and retrieve data from an abandoned space station. The kicker is that the station’s crew has already vanished.

As you explore the space station, your job is to investigate everything, from the living quarters, offices to the hidden passageways. On your journey, you will come across a lot of emails, diaries, and text exchanges – only by reading them could you shed a light into the mystery of the TACOMA station.

Stardew Valley

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Build and manage your own farm

Available on: PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC / iOS / Android

A farming sim inspired by the famous Harvest Moon franchise, Stardew Valley is a very relaxing and chill experience. In this game, you will spend your days growing crops, gather resources, craft items, explore mines and complete quests. The NPCs are pretty well written, with a lot of dialogues and distinct designs.

There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can play Coop with your friend. The player who hosted has the safe file and can switch back to single-player at will.

Color Zen

Colorzen Fullgame Screenshot02 En
Simplistic game with a hidden depth

Available on: PS4 / Switch / iOS

Color Zen is a simple minimalist puzzle game in which the player would attempt to fill the screen with a specific color. The best thing about this game is its vibrant visuals and sound effects that blend perfectly with the background music, which leads to a relaxing experience.

Failing to beat a level does not have any penalty other than having to play it again, which you are going to do anyway. The amount of content available in this title is insane, as there are 460 levels.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Another farming simulator game with a Dragon Quest theme

Available on: PS4 / Switch

Dragon Quest Builders 2 sets out to improve everything from the original game. The game’s premise would have you rebuild civilization in a world without any builders. While doing your quests, you will gradually learn to use the new tools and find more allies to operate your village’s daily tasks.

In addition to that, the sequel also introduces a lot of new features and quality of life updates, such as a bigger inventory, the ability to move faster underwater, and online multiplayer support.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Obra Dinn Nautical Disaster 6
The unique graphics of Obra Dinn

Available on: PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC

Obra Dinn is one of the weirdest title ever released from the Developer of Papers, Please. In addition to its engaging, atmospheric storylines, the game also has a retro 1-bit monochromatic art style, which is rarely seen even in the past. In this game, you will step into the role of an insurance adjuster, tasked with investigating the death of the crew from a mysterious ship.

To accomplish this task, you are given a device called “Memento Mortem”, a pocket watch that could replay the last moment of a dead person. There are rather few tutorials in this game – most of the time you would have to discover the mystery by yourself.


Explore the ocean in Abzu

Available on: PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC

Abzu is a “driving simulator” of some sort, in which you would take on the role of a scuba diver who’s lost in the surface of an endless body of water. The gameplay consists of exploring the ocean’s beautiful depths, filled with plants, animal life, and ruins.

Unlike a lot of games that take place in the same environment, in Abzu, the only challenges you have are the simple puzzles and interactions with marine life. The game is overall a calming experience that would provide you with plenty of underwater marvels.


1032451 David Oreilly Double Fine Launching Everyt
Turn into pretty much every objects possible in Everything

Available on: PS4 / Switch / PC

The main gameplay in Everything is to take the form of any objects in the game and interacts with various other objects. Each session will begin in a procedurally generated universe – in which you will start as one of the world’s larger creature, moving around to find a smaller creature or object to transform into.

The goal of Everything is for you to explore the relationships between objects in the universe. Once you have reached something at the sub-atomic level, you would be able to shift into larger objects like planets or even stars.

Two Point Hospital

Manage your own hospital against the influx of patients

Available on: PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC

Two Point Hospital is a management sim – in this game you would take on the role of a hospital director, constructing your own hospital from nothing. While managing a hospital might seem to be a tedious job, the game gives you options to slow down or pause the world so that you can plan out your moves ahead.

Along with building, recruiting and training staffs, you can also take part in curing patients, who always come in with an array of comical issues. Two Point Hospital features 15 unique scenarios.

Garden Paws

Untitled 4
Explore a vibrant and colorful world

Available on: Switch / PC

Garden Paws is another farm management sim game. Other than the usual resource gathering stuff, the game also has you play as a small customizable animal. You will travel the world, interact with other adorable creatures, fishing, raising animals, and collecting wares to sell in your shop.

Furthermore, any upgrades to your village would improve its quality and allow even more creatures to visit. Overall, Garden Paws is a cute game that offers a peaceful world that is just waiting to be discovered.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains Of Edith Finch 4k Wallpaper 1
The ancestral house of the Finch was very well designed

Available on: PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC

What Remains of Edith Finch is a mystery story in which you will play as the last member alive of the Finch family. In this game, you will explore your family home after the death of your mother. During the course of the game, you will slowly learn about the family curse has been following the Finch bloodline for generations.

As the game progresses, you would visit the room of each family members and relive the various moments of their life. There are a lot of stories to be uncovered, along with mysteries about the main character herself.

House Flipper

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Clean up the messes left behind by previous occupants

Available on: PC

House Flipper is a rather unique idea for a game. In this game, you will be playing as a person who buys cheap houses, fix them up then resells at a higher price. The main gameplay consists of two parts: Clean up the messes left by the previous occupants and Redesign the house to attract potential buyers.

Each job you take would be unique – the game will provide you will different requirements to fulfill. You would have to juggle between meeting the conditions and profit.

Everybody’s Golf

There is also a VR version of this game

Available on: PS4

Everybody’s Golf is a golf game that every kind of player would be able to enjoy. It is a spinoff of the sports franchise formerly known as Hot Shots Golf. Everybody’s Golf has provided much-needed improvements over every aspect of the series, especially character customization, online play, and free-roaming in golf courses.

There are a lot of unique well-designed levels for you to roam around, along with quite a few modes for both competitive and casual players.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster Hd Wallpapers 33502 7738219
Build your dream amusement park with Planet Coaster

Available on: PC

Planet Coaster comes from the same company that did Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. It is pretty much a modern sequel to that game, in all but name. In Planet Coaster, you would be able to create your dream amusement park with every theme under the sun.

There are three modes in the game: Career, Sandbox, and Challenge. If you are looking for an ideal relaxing experience that would minimalize the resource management, the Sandbox mode is for you. In this mode, everything is unlocked right from the start – you can just do anything you want with the land provided.


FEZ puts a twist in an overdone genre

Available on: ​PS4 / Xbox One / PC / iOS​

Fez is a puzzle platformer with both elements of the 2D and 3D variants. In this game, you would control a small creature called Gomez, who is equipped with the ability to change the world into three dimensional. With this power, Gomez’s job is to collect all the cubes and fragments to restore the world to its original form.

The game’s mechanic is fresh and unique – this rotation mechanic has led to some crazy unique puzzle designs and challenges. The game also has no enemies or penalties whatsoever, so you can just keep trying until the level is beaten.

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